How was your spiritual awakening

Why your spiritual awakening is so painful right now

Why your spiritual awakening is currently so painful -
Transformation in 2019

The current awakening process, spiritual awakening that we humans are now experiencing, is accompanied by terms such as spiritual awakening, ascension, enlightenment, transformation or the Aquarian age. The transition from the third to the fifth dimension also plays a role as a sign of ascent. We often hear that these signs lead us humans into peace and loving togetherness.

But why do we then feel so torn and disoriented?
Why are our previous security structures breaking?
What can we do to avoid drowning in this apparent chaos?

Do you sometimes ask yourself these questions too?

Are you in the middle of a change?
Is your life turning upside down right now?
Do you sometimes doubt yourself and think you are doing everything wrong?
Are you sometimes overwhelmed with yourself, your life and the decisions to be made?

Then you are not alone! Welcome to the spiritual awakening!

The energies on our planet have the cosmic mission to open our hearts, to train us in trust and to let us recognize our very own truth.
This cannot be done without releasing previous conditioning. In order to track these down, we need painful insights. Otherwise we would still turn a blind eye to the new.
You could also say that we go back to sleep in order to stick to the symbolic image of awakening.

And suddenly everything is different…

In my spiritual practice the consultations are increasing
- of people who suddenly lose their job and do not want to go back to their usual hamster wheel after processing this shock
- from others who quit without knowing what they will do instead - they only know that they want to work professionally
- by young people who refuse the Abitur, but then do not look for jobs, but create some themselves
- of couples who suddenly split up, despite a very long relationship, because they just can't stand each other anymore

The common denominator of all these motivations proves:

We recognize what we no longer want to live or can no longer live under any circumstances. This realization is so strong that even our logical and security-oriented mind can no longer achieve anything. We seem to be guided by an invisible force that ensures that all of our previous fears and precautionary thoughts lose their power over us. And at the same time an insecurity grows in us because we no longer know our way around.

An unbelievable balancing act

Suddenly we're free. How long have we wanted that!
But why doesn't it often feel good? Why does it make us so disoriented and nervous?
Because we are not used to detaching ourselves from the system and taking our own responsibility.

For centuries we humans have been conditioned and adapted to the rules of society, far from any self-determination, let alone self-empowerment. These experiences were passed on from generation to generation through our ancestral lines and have been deeply anchored in our cellular consciousness ever since. That is why we have felt the lack of freedom and restrictions so far as natural. In addition, so far there have been no alternatives.

Very different now, in this new time, the Age of Aquarius. This is so new that we don't yet know the rules of the game. That is why we habitually fall back on the previously known rules of the game from the old days. And immediately we find ourselves back on the hamster wheel of fear of the future.

This reflects this huge balancing act, which we perceive as inner turmoil. A balancing act between the fear programs of the dissolving old world and the promises of freedoms of the still unknown and only rudimentary new world.

Even if this new world is still very cautious, we can still feel its intensely influencing energies. These waves push us into an unprecedented desire for freedom that completely confuses us: We neither recognize ourselves nor others.

What can we do?

The only way not to get carried away by these waves of energy now is to be mindful and, above all, to be devoted to what is right now.
Those who manage to give up their inner resistance and still trust themselves and life will experience undreamt-of personal and spiritual insights. Real extensions of consciousness that have the power to break even the old fears.
An ingenious trick of the universe: Mindfulness and devotion as the basic building blocks for peace!

Through this devotion we experience a completely natural opening of the heart. It is much larger and more powerful than anything that we have previously experienced as love and heart opening. This opening of the heart is flooded with that wholesome wisdom, which can only come from our soul truth.

So should you perceive yourself

  • Fears,
  • Hopelessness,
  • Restlessness,
  • Stress,
  • Sadness or
  • other uncomfortable feelings

roll over, this tells you that you are in resistance. Then you want to hold on to the old and familiar, consciously or unconsciously. You can also tell by the fact that your mind is doing its favorite thing: worrying only about things that might go wrong now, while it is caught in all negative thought patterns.

It goes without saying that in some life situations it is easier for us humans to remain calm and trustworthy than in other situations. But it is precisely during the challenges that we recognize what is not yet completely free in us or, as some say, is not yet healed.

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In order to free yourself from this balancing act, make yourself aware:

It is not possible to hold onto the old and at the same time be free for new things.
What do you choose

The energy waves of the new age are still unstoppable, they give us completely new freedoms, even if we cannot yet recognize them as such!

Open up to the new and remain in trust. Then you will get through this transformation well and will acquire skills to shape your life in a way that corresponds to your deepest soul need.

Your heartfelt
Linda Giese

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