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Learn English with favorite movies

134 minutes - that's how long 14 to 29-year-olds watch films and series every day. German productions are rarely among them, mostly media imports from English-speaking countries. And With just one click you can turn your evening entertainment into exciting educational television. bigKARRIERE explains what, how and why!

Foreign language skills: Germany is lagging behind

English is the lingua franca par excellence worldwide. But the Germans with their English skills are only in the middle of the field across Europe, a study by the European Commission found. The synchronization mania in this country is to blame. As well as all broadcasts from abroad are synchronized for the German market. Not so with our Dutch and Scandinavian neighbors. In particular, children's and youth programs are broadcast there in the original in English with subtitles. And because the Dutch, Danes, Norwegians, Finns, Swedes and Estonians hear the language on television from an early age, they also speak English particularly well. Now think about the gigantic potential of your 134 minutes a day. By learning English with your favorite films, you can secure free language lessons!

It's science, baby!

The greatest learning effect is when you use the to learn English with your favorite films English original sound and the insertion of English subtitles chooses. This is what researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, discovered. German subtitles, on the other hand, divert attention from the English dialogues. You will get what it is about, but the learning will not be successful.

This tactic train your listening skills, expand your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and in the long run the grades too. Cool right? And you don't even have to use boring language learning CDs or apps, go abroad or spend extra money. Learning English with your favorite films is absolutely doable by watching the films and TV series in the original version with English subtitles! Check which of your DVDs offer this function. You can also watch series and films in the original version on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. On Amazon Prime Video, simply search for the original English title or the abbreviations "OV" and "OmU". There are around 700 hits to choose from. With Netflix, the original language and subtitles can be easily set in the audio options.