What do you know about puppies

  • How do you socialize the little dogs?

The first few weeks of a dog's life are very crucial for its later life. The close contact with the mother dog, the coexistence with his siblings and the intensive care by the breeder and his family shape the little dog and ensure that he can go through his further life confidently and without fear. In the first few weeks, the puppy should get to know a lot that it will encounter later in everyday life: other dogs, different people, children, the noises of kitchen appliances, cars or motorcycles. Successful socialization is essential for a balanced, fear-free and stable dog character. However, it is important that the small dog is not overwhelmed.

A reputable breeder will usually have an exact plan for how to socialize their puppies for the first few weeks that they are still living with them. He ensures that you get to know as much as possible before handing it over to your new family and at the same time makes sure that he does not overdo it with visits from strangers, other pets, vacuum cleaner noises, the television and crackling bags. He will be able to explain to you exactly what the puppies have already been used to and to what extent you should continue socializing the young dog at home and in everyday life.