What is the definition of the force field

Force field

Force fielddescribes the force F. to a ground point or an electrical charge, if F. only from its location r in space and not, for example, from its speed

is dependent, i.e. F. = F.(r) (r: Position vector). If one attaches the direction of the force vectors to every point P in space, one can, from any point P0 starting, these directional elements connect to field lines. The density of the field lines is proportional to the strength of the force field, i.e. the amount of force in the point P under consideration.

Classical mechanics saw in the forces that separate, material bodies exert on one another, remote forces that work through empty space without being dependent on or being influenced by a force-transmitting material link. At least since the experimental confirmation of Maxwell's theory of electromagnetism by Hertz, it has been obvious that so-called remote effects spread with finite speed and a material body is only attacked by a force when the effect has reached its place. The cause of such forces as a special physical state of empty space is the force field. The creation of a force field in the originally empty space can have various causes, such as a mass that a Gravitational field (Gravitation) or an electrical charge that creates an electrostatic field (Coulomb potential). The Move Electric charges cause magnetic fields of force, and if space (the frame of reference) is accelerated, a guiding field is created.