How many FET transistors are there

FET - field effect transistor / unipolar transistor

The current flow through the conductive channel of the field effect transistor is controlled by an electric field. The electric field is influenced by an applied voltage on the control electrode.

There are the following field effect transistors:


The connections in the FET are called differently than in the bipolar transistor. The connections have a different meaning due to different physical properties.
The gate, or G for short, is the control electrode. The drain, or D for short, is comparable to the collector. The electron current flows through this connection. The source, or S for short, is comparable to the emitter. There the electron current flows into the FET.

Overview of some field effect transistors

TypechannelI.D./ AUDS/ VP.D./ WR.DS (ON)/ Ωcasing
BSN 10A max. 175 mAmax. 50-max. 15TO-92
BUZ 10N1950750,1TO-220
BUZ 11N3050750,04TO-220
BUZ 20N12100750,2TO-220
BUZ 24N321001250,06TO-3
BUZ 71N1250400,12TO-220
BTS 100P.1,550-0,3TO-220
BUZ 271P.22501250,15TO-220
IRF 9530 UP.12100750,3TO-220
IRF 9543P.15501250,3TO-220

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