Could you regain consciousness after your death?

People want to know the exact amount of time that elapses between the moment they leave the body and the moment they are born again. Will the soul take on a new body in a year? Does it take ten years? How long do you live in more subtle realms before coming back to earth? These are some of the questions.

There are two main factors that determine this, namely the nature of one's own karma and the last impression made before death. It can vary from hundreds of years to a few months. Those who work out some karma in other planes in more subtle areas take a long time before they take on a new body. The interval is very long, because a year on earth goes by like a day on the heavenly plane. An incident is reported when a saint who was in the area, seeing the astonishment and admiration of foreign tourists at the impressive remains of some ancient monuments, discovered that some of these people had built the monuments centuries ago.

Sometimes a very sensory person with strong desire or very strong attachment will be reborn very quickly. Even in cases in which life is ended by violent death or by a sudden, unexpected accident, the jiva takes up the thread again very quickly. Usually, in cases of immediate rebirth, the jiva often remembers many events in its previous life. He recognizes former relatives and friends, the old home and familiar objects.

Sometimes this leads to very strange developments. There are cases when a murdered person, after being reborn, portrayed the manner of murder and revealed the identity of the murderer. A reincarnated individual once walked purposefully and revealed the treasure it was hiding.

The vast majority do not have this memory. This is really a blessing given by the Most Wise Being. Such memories would make our present life very complicated. The past remains hidden from you until the point in time when it is good and helpful to remember it. When you reach perfection and come to the end of a cycle, everything will be revealed and you will see a whole wreath of life wrapped around your personality.

But such cases of immediate rebirth are not common. In general, for the average person, the period between death and rebirth is a considerable amount of time when expressed in terms of earth time. People who have done a lot of good karma spend a considerable amount of time on the Daivic plane before they are born again. Great souls, spiritually advanced people, wait a long time before reincarnating.

In the phase between death and rebirth, the departed spirit, especially if the person is physically and spiritually developed, can often materialize on the earth plane if the need arises. He takes on a human form, speaks and can also make himself noticeable through a tactile touch. Such phenomena can be recorded photographically.

Such a materialized form is not the astral body, which cannot be seen by normal eyesight. It is the exact counterpart, a subtle counterpart of the physical body, and is the vehicle in which the various souls travel after death.

Astral consciousness, however, cannot guarantee freedom from birth and death. Occultism and spiritism cannot bring ultimate liberation; neither can they reveal the full mystery of the hereafter. Spiritual realization and self-knowledge alone will reveal the mystery of life and death, and life after death as well.