Coding is important for all careers

Programming professions

Perhaps one of the most important requirements is having fun programming. Of course, future employers will also be happy about good final grades, but Interested in software development or first own projects convince even more. In addition, you shouldn't be afraid to join in Programming languages to deal with.

If all of this applies to you, you already have a good foundation for your engineering degree.

Teamwork and communication important for programming

The tasks of a programmer vary depending on the company - sometimes projects have to be accompanied completely, sometimes it is only about individual ones Scripts to program. Some companies focus on that Development of smartphone apps, others focus on that Web development, IT security or advice. So your tasks are diverse - just like the associated requirements.

Programming know-how is becoming more and more important. Especially with a view to developing the Industry 4.0. This means the networking of all employees, materials and machines involved in industrial production that communicate digitally in a network. It goes without saying that the work of engineers who are skilled in programming is a crucial basis.

Generally will analytical skills, Understanding of technology and - due to the high level of teamwork - Good communication skills expected. A substantial understanding of science and a basic knowledge of English are also an advantage.