How is antigravity possible

A few years ago, Dr. Eugene Podkletnov to reduce the earth's gravity in a room. Dr. Podkletnov discovered this effect when he was employed at the Technical University of Tampere in Finland. He himself is a Russian chemist and materials scientist.

Dr. Podkletnov studied the properties of superconductors for several years. Superconductors are materials that have no electrical resistance and have not been manufactured for a very long time. The currently most interesting superconductors are ceramics, which develop their superconductivity at minus 20 degrees and colder. Large superconductors can only be produced over a period of years. An interesting effect with these fabrics is that when they are placed over a magnet, they float over it. The magnetic field induces current that does not encounter any resistance and builds up a magnetic field itself. Since the same magnetic poles repel each other, the superconductor hovers over the magnet.

Dr. Podkletnov built a superconductor in the form of a round disc with the astonishing diameter of one meter. It took 3 years to develop this disc. He not only made this disk float on magnets, but also made it rotate very quickly with the help of other magnets, about 5000 revolutions per minute, comparable to the rotation speed of a conventional hard disk in computers. Dr. It never occurred to Podkletnov that his experimental set-up could affect gravity until a colleague came in smoking a pipe.

Dr. Podkletnov: “There was a key experience. We were still working late at night and one of our colleagues dropped in on us. Nice guy with a long beard and he smoked a pipe. He said, "Hello guys," and blew the pipe smoke over our devices. And in doing so, we noticed that the smoke came to our device, hit an unusual invisible barrier and then rose immediately.

This amazed the scientists. They immediately measured the air pressure over the device. The air pressure above the device was lower than in other parts of the room. A possible explanation for this phenomenon was that the gravity was lower at this point, that is, the gravity was reduced by the experimental arrangement.

Dr. Podkletnov: “And finally, to be absolutely sure, we went up one floor to our colleagues who were working above us. We came into her laboratory with the barometer and started in the middle of the room and tried to find a place with lower air pressure. We were surprised, but it was easy for us to find the job. It was 100% where our superconducting disk was turning on the floor below. That was very clear evidence that we were actually dealing with some kind of shielding from gravity.

Objects were one to two percent lighter above the rotating superconductor. The shielding should have an additive character, i.e. two rotating superconductors should reduce the weight by up to 4 percent.

The scientists could not explain this effect. There is no theory that can explain what exactly is going on. Conservative physicists, who form the majority in our world, simply reject the effect as non-existent. You do not want to repeat the experiment yourself, because this goes against your usual thought patterns. Dr. Podkletnov published several papers on the Internet. Discussions were triggered on the Internet in which well-known scientists took part. NASA employees were very interested in the results and took part in the discussion. Dr. Shortly thereafter, Podkletnov stopped working at the University of Tampere, his experimental set-up was dismantled and his written work was put under lock and key by the university. The university distanced itself from Dr. Podkletnov. A very strange course of action! The Internet pages dealing with this topic have been deleted. Dr. Podkletnov is now working for another organization that he does not want to name yet and is developing the technology there.

So an attempt was made to keep the results secret. But thanks to the Internet, too many people have stopped Dr. Podkletnovs pursued. The Italian physicist Dr. Giovanni Modernese. Although he believes the above experiments contradict Einstein's theories, he is convinced that there must be something to the antigravity. So it could be that the superconductor to a certain extent "soaks up" gravity.

Dr. Giovanni Modernese: “I've come to the conclusion that Dr. Trust Podkletnov. Because Dr. Podkletnov measured effect is not exactly small, it cannot be a mixture of ordinary measurement errors. The effect is actually quite large. One percent is a comparatively high amount, so I don't think he could have made big mistakes. If we trust it, the effect is a fact.

NASA was interested in the gravitation experiments from the start. Since 1996 physicists have been working on the Dr. Podkletnov described attempts. A department was set up to keep the "DELTA-G" project as a task. The "DELTA-G“The project is still in its infancy and is far from over. The superconductor is much smaller than 1 meter, namely about 50 centimeters. Making a superconductor with a diameter of one meter is an art in itself. Dr. It took Podkletnov three years to do this at the Finnish university. NASA has only been involved in this for a year, however. The mechanism to rotate the superconductor has not yet been implemented. Superconductors break very easily, so that turning them very quickly is not without problems.

Chief Engineer Ronald J. Koczor (NASA): “So far we have been able to do some preliminary tests with non-rotating disks. The results we measured weren't as great as Dr. Podkletnov reports. But that in no way discourages us, because we didn't expect anything else as long as the disc didn't turn. All the experiments he reports assume that the disk must rotate at high speed.

Not far from the Space Flight Center, other scientists at the University of Huntsville are experimenting with the gravitational fields. You work partly with NASA. Dr. Ning Li claims to have completed the basic theoretical research that explains what happens to rotating superconductors or other rotating objects. But she is not satisfied with her theory and wants to put the theory into practice. Your experiments are very promising. As soon as her experiments are finished, she wants to publish your results (theory and experiments). Until then, she doesn't want to reveal very much, because she wants to reap the laurels for herself. Although she has not discovered the effect, no one has yet found the theory apart from her.

Dr. Ning Li:So I put all known measurement data (of the earth) into a formula and calculated. I got almost the same size as the gravito-magnetic field of the whole earth. [...] If we get the elementary particles to spin very quickly, then we can create gravity. Another kind of gravity. [...] You can increase the earth's gravity, you can weaken it, you can steer it in any direction. I have a theory. I will publish it. I do the maths. I will set them out. I think the theoretical model is mature. I'll tell the whole scientific world: anti-gravity is no longer laughable. [...] I think the experiments of Dr. Podkletnov showed the effect as clear as day.