How do I repair an Apple charger

Broken iPhone charger cable - you can do that

If your iPhone charging cable is broken, you can of course buy a new one to replace it. In many cases, however, you can also repair your old cable. We'll show you how to do this in this practical tip.

Broken iPhone charging cable - here's how to test it

The known weak point of iPhone charging cables is the transition between the cable and the plug. This is where the most common types of damage occur, usually the cable sheathing breaks. How to take the test:

  • If the casing is damaged, check whether you can still charge the iPhone with this cable.
  • If you have problems, move the cable a little while charging. Often there is a small loose contact that can be remedied in this way.
  • IPhone won't charge, try a different charger cable. In this way you can rule out that the charging error is caused by a defect in the iPhone.

Broken iPhone charger cable - how to fix it

Proceed as follows to repair your defective charging cable:

  1. Repairing a charging cable is easy, all you need is some shrink tubing and a pen from a pen.
  2. Cut two pieces of heat shrink tubing. One should be a little longer than the pen nib. For the second, add another five millimeters.
  3. First slide the shorter piece over the charging cable. Position it so that the defective area is completely covered. Now heat the shrink tube carefully and evenly so that it clings firmly to the cable. You can use a hair dryer or a tea light for this.
  4. Next, thread the nib from a discarded ballpoint pen over the shrink tubing that was just attached. Make sure that the spring also extends over the break point.
  5. Now the second piece of shrink tubing follows. It should completely cover both the shorter piece of hose and the spring. If you heat the hose as described in point 3, it will be firmly attached to the spring construction. The place is protected and stabilized, you can now continue to use the cable without any problems.

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