Microsoft has video editing software

Windows Cut videos in Windows


Video editing is also possible under Windows 10. You don't even need external software for simple films. Windows supplies you directly with its own app. You can find more about this in the following tipps + tricks article.

Cut videos with external programs

Windows' own programs cover the basic needs in video editing, but not much more. Therefore, depending on the desired functions, it can make sense to use a different program for video editing. That is why we have put together an overview of free video editing programs for you here.

One of the most popular editing programs, for example, is Avidemux. You can use this free tool to trim videos. All you need is a Start and end markings put and can then over the pressure of the [Remove] button Cut out individual areas from this video. Over "file" and "Append"you can add more video files to your video.

In addition to editing, Avidemux also has other useful functions. For example, you can apply a filter to your video or cut the sound separately.

Edit videos with Windows own software

Windows photos

Even if the name of this tool could be interpreted a bit misleading at first: With the "Photos" preinstalled under Windows you can also create and edit videos. However, the photos tool is mainly used to create a kind of video slide show or to integrate music, texts and movements into your film. To use the tool, you just have to go to the photos display in the category "Video projects" on "New video project"click.


Here you will be shown an interface into which you can load as many files as you want in order to create a video. You then put these snippets in the correct order. The photos tool also helps you to make cuts. You can adjust any settings to change various properties of your video, including speed, filters, and effects.

Windows Movie Maker

Another program is Windows Movie Maker. This was still included in the scope of functions up to and including Windows 7. In Windows 10, however, it was replaced by the photos tool above. With Windows Movie Maker you can edit small video projects and clips: cuts, intros and effects are possible without any problems. The tool is well suited for beginners or for trying out. But not for larger projects. Because Windows Movie Maker has not been further developed or even improved for a long time. Problems arise again and again, especially with larger files, which lead to the program crashing. So if you want to work with Windows Movie Maker, you must definitely remember to save it regularly.

Simply upload snippets of images and films into the Movie Maker, which are then automatically combined to form a film. You can edit this film precisely using a small time display. You can add effects or cut out individual passages.