What is the future of Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator 2020

In addition, new product updates ensure more efficient and faster workflows

More performance, improved stability: these are the core elements of the new Adobe Illustrator update. Effects such as drop shadows or the Gaussian blur are now displayed faster, and large file formats with complex drawing layers are saved more than twice as quickly.

Of course, we also took your feedback to heart. That is why there is, among other things, a spelling function that alerts you to spelling errors as you type. For designs using paths, we have also improved the Path Simplification Tool: Unnecessary anchor points are now efficiently removed without affecting the integrity of the paths.

Since the announcement, Illustrator for the iPad has also been eagerly awaited. Next year the time has finally come: you can finally work with all your favorite tools on the iPad and experience completely new creative possibilities of expression. More information can be found here.

You can look forward to it

Open files twice as fast

We have reworked Illustrator's storage processes so that files with very complex vector illustrations, multiple embedded images, and files with lots of artboards open significantly faster.

Smooth workflow: files are saved in the background

Now you don't have to stop working to save a file in Illustrator. You just keep working, saving just happens in the background.

Fast rendering of effects and live previews

If you use drop shadows or the Gaussian blur in your designs, these will now be rendered faster. You can also preview the effects in your designs before deciding which one to use.

More efficient path simplification

We have updated the Path Simplification Tool so that scatter points, unnecessary points and redundant points can be removed even more easily.

Point out misspellings

Made a mistake? No problem: the new spell checker now alerts you to spelling errors. You can also have the correct spelling displayed directly in the document.

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