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Wrinkle treatment

Skin aging is a biological process that cannot be stopped. Those involved in this processChanges in the skin begin between the ages of 20 and 30 and can be delayed to a certain extent by external factors such as a healthy diet, exercise, sleep, etc.

With advancingBreakdown of collagen and elastic fibersas well as a continuous decrease in the moisture content and fatty tissue in the subcutaneous tissue, wrinkles develop and the skin's elasticity, which is typical of old age, is reduced. The field of possibilities in aesthetic plastic surgery to reduce signs of skin aging is broad and is constantly expanding to include new, promising methods.

Thread lifting

The thread lift is a gentler alternative to the classic face lift. Here, small threads are placed under the skin in such a way that wrinkles are smoothed out and the face appears rejuvenated all around.

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Wrinkle injection

The method of wrinkle injection is a particularly gentle form of wrinkle treatment. By injecting various substances, wrinkles on the face can be filled and smoothed. For this purpose, fillers such as hyaluronic acid or autologous fat are injected under the skin.

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Botox treatment

Treatment with botulinum toxin enables the targeted reduction of wrinkles on the face. The little time-consuming application and the low risk of complications make botox injections one of the most popular wrinkle treatments of all.

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Vampire lifting

“Vampire lifting”, also known technically as PRP plasma lifting, is a relatively new method of wrinkle treatment. By injecting prepared autologous blood, the vampire lifting promises a radiant complexion and smoothing of small wrinkles without the use of synthetic ingredients.

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Neck lift

Similar to a face lift, a neck lift is a reliable method of making the skin more youthful and smoothing out wrinkles. This form of aesthetic surgery offers the possibility of a visible rejuvenation, especially for patients of advanced age.

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Mesotherapy is considered a particularly gentle, yet effective method of wrinkle treatment.
A wide variety of wrinkles can be treated and smoothed through the individual composition of the active ingredient mixture.

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By pulling back the skin and removing excess tissue from the entire face or individual areas, a facelift provides a comprehensive tightening of the face. This results in an optical rejuvenation of 10-15 years that lasts for a lifetime.

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Chemical peel

A treatment with chemical peelings in the face, neck or décolleté area leads to a smoother and firmer complexion without surgery. Even deep wrinkles can be reduced and have an extremely rejuvenating effect that lasts for years.

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By using the natural active ingredient carbon dioxide, carboxytherapy gently ensures firm skin and a rosy complexion. It can be used in many ways and is particularly suitable for smoothing cellulite, removing bags under the eyes and plumping up smaller wrinkles.

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Microdermabrasion gently improves the complexion, smoothes wrinkles and stimulates cell renewal. Pain-free grinding of the upper skin cells creates soft and smooth skin, fine pores and a rosy and fresh complexion.

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Collagen booster

As the body's own proteins, collagens help keep the skin young by binding water and making the skin look firm and plump. The collagen booster treatment makes use of this effect and can smooth out wrinkles effectively.

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Types of folds

Not all wrinkles are created equal. Depending on the nature of the skin, individual problem areas arise that require different methods of plastic and aesthetic surgery for treatment. Learn more about the different types of wrinkles and the right treatments for the best results.


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Eyebrow lift

When you are suffering from a tired and exhausted look, an eyebrow lift can work wonders. Various methods can be used to raise eyebrows, tighten eyelids and smooth the forehead. The result is an open look, more freshness and youthfulness.

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Lip injection

In the case of narrow or asymmetrical lips, an injection of hyaluron can help to create more volume and clear contours. A lip enlargement creates a sensual and softly curved, full mouth.

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More about wrinkle treatment

What is a wrinkle treatment?

Wrinkles in the eye area, the so-called crow's feet, around the mouth, on the forehead, in the neck area and on the cleavage can both be withoperational as well asnon-invasive orminimally invasive Methods are treated. Similarly, some treatments can do the sameCounteract loss of elasticity.

Facelift and neck lift

The classic method ofFacelifts is said to have been carried out since the beginning of the 20th century. In this procedure will beSkin incisions in the area ofHairline or.under the chin set thatskin detached from the underlying tissue andpulled tight. In the neck area, the muscles are also included in the tightening in order to make the result longer-lasting. The one left overExcess skin is removed and as far as possiblesewn in inconspicuous places.

The facelift is thatmost effective and long-lasting treatment option against wrinkles. It is particularly suitable for very deep and many wrinkles, as large areas can be worked on.

Chemical peel

Chemical peels make one possibleSkin regeneration and the associated treatmentslight wrinkles, superficial scars or pigment spots. By using fruit, glycolic, trichloroacetic acid or phenol, the top layer of skin is peeled off to varying degrees. In the subsequent healing process, the skin is forced to restructure itself and through theBuild up of collagen fibers increased strength and aimproved water-binding capacity to develop.


Carboxytherapy denotes thatInjection of medical Co2 gas into the fatty tissue of the skin. The gas is released by means of the finest needlesinto the skin introduced, causes aincreased blood circulation and metabolism in the treated area. In addition, the body's ownStimulates collagen synthesis become. This method is veryfast feasible andinexpensive. There are, howeverseveral sessionsfor a smooth and even complexion as well as regular refreshmentsnecessary.


Mesotherapy makes use ofinjection one on theTailored to the needs of the skin Mixture of active ingredients in different depths of skin layers and can remove wrinkles and tired skin in this way. The active ingredients are introduced using very fine needles. The active ingredient mixture can contain uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and blood circulation-promoting ingredients in different concentrations.


In order to achieve a clear result with this treatment, approximately 5 treatment appointments must be arranged. The injected active ingredients are broken down in the body over timeRefreshments approx. Every 6 months has the consequence.

Wrinkle injection

Like thread lifting, wrinkle injection can also be effective forTreatment of individual wrinkles, but also partly for themFilling in larger areas, be used. Certain substances are injected into the skin that plump up the wrinkles. Since the substances introduced are broken down by the body over time, the treatments must be carried out inrepeated at regular intervalsbecome.


Wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin

Probably the most well-known treatment of wrinkle injections is thatInjecting botox (Botulinum toxin). This is a neurotoxin that induces paralysis of individual facial muscles. TheTense muscles the affected facial areas becomessolved> andSmooth out wrinkles yourself. The naturalFacial expressions are not affected. So-called "frozen faces" only occur with excessive use of botulinum toxin, which completely paralyzes the muscles.


Wrinkle treatment with dermal fillers

Another option for wrinkle injection is the injection of dermal fillers such asHyaluronic acid, collagen, autologous fat or polylactic acid. Hyaluronic acid and collagen aresubstances naturally occurring in the skin the connective tissue, which through their degradation lead to wrinkles in the course of life. Through the targeted injection of these substances, theSkin missing volume returned, and the crease disappears.
The situation is similar with wrinkle injections with autologous fat or polylactic acid.


TheResults of a wrinkle injection (with botox, hyaluronic acid, collagen, autologous fat or polylactic acid) arenot permanent. The substances introduced are gradually broken down again by the body. Injections must therefore be carried out again when the effect diminishes.

Thread lifting

Allwithout incisions the thread lifting comes from.Special threads Polydioxanones are made directly with small microneedlesapplied into the subcutaneous adipose tissue. The thread material isself-dissolving and structured in such a way that it is anchored in the tissue. Skilful anchoring of the threads leads to a tightening effect, as the skin surface is pulled smooth. As the threads gradually break down, new collagen is formed. This cushions the fold from the inside.


This treatment is suitable forsingle folds best, but can also be used toTightening of the facial contours can be used. However, the skin should not be too slack yet.

Vampire lifting

A method of wrinkle treatment without the use of foreign material is vampire lifting. Theinjection takes place by means of theown blood the patient, which is removed and processed in advance for this purpose. Platelet-rich plasma is injected, which contains theStimulates regeneration and collagen production. In this way, fine lines on the face, neck and décolleté disappear. It gives the skin a fresher appearance and is also, through the use of autologous blood,very low risk.

Laser treatment

The wrinkle treatment with laser leads toRemoval of the top layers of the skin by short pulses of light. The laser penetrates the skin to a certain extent, resulting inStimulation of collagen synthesis leads. Form within a few weeks of treatmentnew layers of skin. After a few sessions, you can expect the wrinkles to appear significantly less pronounced.

Which wrinkle treatment is suitable for whom?

Which method of wrinkle treatment is most suitable for a patient depends on his wishes and the type and severity of his wrinkles.


AWrinkle injection can above allisolated wrinkles smooth at defined points.Mimic wrinklessuch as "frown lines" between the brows, wrinkles under the eyes and "worry lines" on the forehead, are particularly goodtreat with botox. A wrinkle treatment withHyaluronic acid however, is mainly for the treatment ofWrinkles, mouth, pleated and nasolabial folds, as well as theModeling of the facial contours suitable. The use of autologous fat is ideal for filling in larger wrinkles.

Which type of wrinkle injection is suitable for me?

There are different methods of wrinkle injection. Artificial substances such as botulinum toxin or the body's own fillers such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and autologous fat can be used. The different substances have different properties and have different effects on the body, skin and wrinkles.


Wrinkle injection with botox

Mimic wrinkles at defined points ("frown lines" and "worry lines")


Wrinkle injection with hyaluronic acid

Creases (mouth, pleated and nasolabial folds)
Modeling of the facial contours


Wrinkle injection with collagen
Wide range of applications with very natural results


Wrinkle injection with autologous fat
Filling in larger wrinkles

Am I suitable for laser wrinkle treatments?

Wrinkle treatment with theLaser mainly reduces small wrinkles in the forehead area and around the mouth as well as crow's feet and can be used successfully on sun-damaged skin.


The laser treatment

  • Reduction of small wrinkles (forehead, mouth, eye area)
  • For sun damaged skin

Am I suitable for a facelift and skin tightening?

For asmooth face all around Withlasting effect is aFacelift the right solution. Sagging facial contours and wrinkled cheeks can be lifted and tightened with a facelift. Most of the time, the neck is smoothed sufficiently in the course of a facelift, onehowever, separate neck lifts are also possible and promises a strong, visually rejuvenating effect, especially for women of advanced age.



  • Smoothing the entire face
  • Lasting effect
  • Shaping the contour of the face
  • Smoothing effect of the neck
  • Different intensities


Neck lift

  • Strongly rejuvenating effect
  • Especially at an advanced age

It is not possible to say in general what age is ideal for surgical wrinkle treatment. Every face is individual, and the aging process also varies from person to person.


There are different strengths of the face lift, which differ in the size of the cuts and the intensity of the smoothing of wrinkles. In this way, it can be decided individually who is best suited for which lifting.

What are the benefits of wrinkle treatment?

Often the external appearance does not match the inner vitality of a patient. A wrinkle treatment is an effective way to get backTo look as young as you actually feel.


In some professions it is important to look vital and fresh. In such cases, wrinkle treatment is the optimal solution.
With a wrinkle injection you can approach the topic of wrinkle treatment. You can assess initial results and find out whether surgical treatment would be an option for you.


Thanks to the hidden cut of theFacelift and theNeck lift, are also involved in the operative wrinkle removal proceduresas good as no scars to be seen. Performed by a well trained and experienced doctor, see thatResult, of course and ensures a rejuvenated complexion.

How do I find the right clinic for me?

When it comes to wrinkle treatments, it is particularly important to find a first-class clinic with competent doctors. Done incorrectly, some wrinkle treatments can look artificial and unnatural. That is why high quality and competence are paramount when choosing a clinic.


We at MediDate / Medical One work with German premium clinics together, who stand for excellent cosmetic surgery. With our help, you will find the right clinic for your wrinkle treatment, without any doubts or uncertainties.We would be happy to advise you by phone, free of charge and without obligation.

What are the costs of wrinkle treatment?

The costs of the various wrinkle removal methods vary widely. It is difficult to make a clear statement in advance. The clinic, the type of anesthesia and other factors also influence the costs.


AFacelift is more expensive than botox or hyaluronic acid treatment due to the surgical procedure and usually costs between5,000 to 10,000 euros. In theWrinkle injection you have to go with it depending on the scope300 to over 1,000 euros rake. In addition, it must be repeated at regular intervals if permanent smoothing is to be guaranteed.


At MediDate / Medical One you can get information free of charge and assess for yourself whether you want to opt for a wrinkle treatment and start a new life. Our competent Service Center will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Would you like more information?

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Experience report from a MediDate / Medical One patient

Barbara, 53 years old, from Munich

“As a lawyer, it is important to be confident every day. My drooping cheeks and the deep furrows between my nose and mouth made it difficult for me. They made me look pessimistic and tired even when I wasn't. I had been thinking about an operation for a long time, but the horror images of botched surgical interventions always put me off. For me, the only option was a top quality clinic and it's not that easy to find one. I came across MediDate / Medical One on the Internet. There I read that they support their customers in choosing the right clinic. I took the chance and quickly got a consultation appointment at a clinic near me. At the appointment, I was shown pictures of patients who had already had a facelift. I was really impressed with how natural a wrinkle treatment could look when done professionally. The competent advice from the doctor finally convinced me to have the procedure carried out. In the first few weeks after the facelift, aftercare was particularly important, with the clinic accompanying and supporting me intensively.
Today, 8 months after the treatment, I am really satisfied. My face is rejuvenated but still looks natural and I have no scars. I am very grateful to MediDate / Medical One for having selected the right clinic for me. I probably wouldn't have dared to go to a doctor on my own. The financial savings I made were also a nice side effect. "