What are your favorite Twitter marketing campaigns

For a short time now, advertisers have also been able to run mobile advertising campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. The Berlin app marketing platform Trademob is one of the first companies to offer its customers these new marketing opportunities.

Over 100 mobile advertising networks are already connected to Trademob worldwide. In addition to cross-network tracking and the optimization of advertising campaigns for mobile apps, the platform offers its customers central access to all mobile advertising spaces. The integration of Facebook and Twitter campaigns into the portfolio is the logical consequence in order to continue to meet this requirement. In total, Trademob reaches over half a billion smartphone users.

"Thanks to the cooperation with Facebook and Twitter, we can now offer our customers further promising opportunities to reach potential app users in a very targeted and focused manner via mobile advertising. We are currently planning the first campaigns for our customers," reports Ravi Kamran, CEO and founder of Trademob GmbH.

The mobile advertising market has grown almost explosively in recent years and is developing rapidly. So also Facebook and Twitter, which today already register almost 55 percent (Facebook) and 60 percent (Twitter) of all access from mobile devices. Trademob has recognized this new, exciting potential and is now expanding its portfolio with the new marketing variants. This makes it possible for the first time to reach Facebook and Twitter users in a targeted manner and comprehensively track the corresponding app marketing campaigns.