Do children who watch TV cause autism

Hello Amelie

There is a very simple explanation, according to our pediatric audiologist:

In autistic children, there is often a faulty stimulus processing in the brain. The neurotransmitters transmit the information differently than with a "healthy" person.

Children are not able to process the large amount of image information that a film presents to them. One can speak of overstimulation.

In autistic children, who cannot filter out unimportant information, the "symptoms" may intensify.

However, not every child is equally autistic just because they watch television.
And not every child, healthy or not, will experience these symptoms.

As with so much, it depends once again on the measure of things.
Children can learn a lot from television if they are properly supported by their parents. I think one should never generalize, but there are certainly enough parents who "park" their children in front of the telly for hours every day. That doesn't apply to you at all.

We found out with Sarah that one TV day per week is completely sufficient. She just can't handle more.
Merle, for example, shows absolutely no interest in it.

Don't let that unsettle you. You will already know what is good for your child.

best regards

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