How does a robotics group work


Promotion of gifted students:


Encouraging and demanding is a challenge in our everyday school life.

In order to do justice to particularly talented students, we founded the robotics group in the 2015/2016 school year.


The aim this group is attending the F.irstL.egoL.eague.


The FLL is a competition that aims to introduce students to science and technology in a sporty atmosphere.

The goal is to master complex tasks and challenges in a team.

The team works with the support of specialists (engineers, biologists, electrical engineers, ...) together on a topic, planning, designing and testing a fully automatic robot that has to master a tricky mission.

Problem-solving strategies and presentation skills are trained with fun and imagination.

In addition, everyone involved must have stamina, because about 8 months pass between the first meeting of the robotics group and the competition.


Time schedule:


April Start of registration


First testing, expanding previous knowledge, forming a team, looking for sponsors, developing strategies, constructing, building and practicing programming


end of August Dispatch of the current playing field and notification of the exact task

Mid October Registration deadline

Mid November Regional competitions

end of January Semi-finals

at the beginning of March final


In order to cover the costs (registration fee, fee for the pitch, hardware and software, travel expenses, ...), the team has come up with different options.

In addition to selling cakes at the Heligoland relay marathon or other major events, the pupils and their mentors are looking for sponsors.


So far we have been able to inspire and thank the "Hansewerke" in Rendsburg and the "Rocknroll Butterfahrt" for us and at this point warmly for their support.

Both sponsors have made a specific donation so that the participation fee has already been paid and the first Mindstorm set can be purchased.


Oh yes .. And without the help of the parents, there would be no cake at the cake stand! THANKS


If you have any questions on the subject of "Robotics" and "FFL", please speak to Mr. Sopha Kong.

If you have any questions on the subject of "gifted education", please speak to our special educator Kerstin Küfe.