What is the safest contact sport

1. At all costs keep your mask on on the field.

Protection against serious injuries is our main focus. The bullets leave the barrel at a speed of around 300 km / h and can therefore cause serious injuries to the face.

Therefore the most important rule:

Our marshals will point this out to you separately before each game day and also strictly pay attention to compliance. If something slips or should slip during an action-packed round, the responsible marshal will immediately interrupt the game and take care of your protection as best as possible. Basically, however, you are responsible for your own safety.

The safest protection is and will always be a standard running sock. If the technology fails or some people cannot control their nervous fingers, it prevents any damage to your environment. This causes a bit of mud in the barrel, but protect your friends.

Willful contact between the players is prohibited. The game is won with paintball and not with your fists. If a player behaves in a grossly unsportsmanlike manner, he will be expelled from the field immediately.

Don't move cover, dig holes, or climb around where it's not intended. Our playing field offers enough opportunities to win a game fairly.

Paintball is a sport and should be treated as such. Of course nobody has anything against a cold beer on hot days, but for your safety and that of your fellow players, we cannot let heavily drunk players play.

The paintball masks protect the eyes against bullets with a speed of less than 300 fps (feet per second) That is 91.44 m / s or 329.18 km / h. Our rental markers are regularly checked with our in-house radar to ensure that they are not exceeding this speed. Markers you bring yourself must be set correctly and will be tested by us if necessary. If you need help setting your markers, we would be happy to help you.

Marker tanks store compressed air up to 200 or 300 bar. Defective or damaged tanks can be very dangerous. We do not fill such tanks. We only have trained personnel to operate the compressed air systems.

If you obey these rules, nothing stands in the way of a safe paintball afternoon. Should somebody feel compelled to disregard the rules or endanger other players, he / she can expect a seat ban and, if necessary, a complaint.