How long are 5 working days

Calculate the number of working days for 2020 and other years - for the whole year or any shorter period. Holidays are taken into account depending on the state.

Calculate working days based on certain information

The number of working days varies from year to year, depending on the number of public holidays in the individual federal states, and is between 248 and 255.

Working days can be calculated with our online calculator, which determines the exact number of working days individually and on the basis of certain information. It is possible to specify an exact period by entering the first and last working day, i.e. the start and end date, in the online mask.

Calculate working days for the tax return

Working days are calculated differently for the different federal states, as the number of public holidays varies depending on the federal state. It is important to deduct vacation days or training days.

Anyone who claims travel expenses or the flat-rate distance allowance as part of the tax return can determine the number of working days precisely with the online calculator or use the usual values. With a five-day week this is 230, with a six-day week 280 working days per calendar year

Legal background: Delimitation to working days

The Federal Holiday Act (BurlG) dates back to 1963 when there were a total of six working days per week. The working day on which work is generally permitted without special restrictions is to be distinguished from the working day. Because according to Section 3 (2) BurlG, working days are all calendar days, except for public holidays and Sundays. Unlike a working day, a working day is a day that people work.

For most employees, Saturday is not a working day. However, there are also branches, for example gastronomy and the hotel industry, as well as in areas of trade and transport, in which work is done on Saturdays and Sundays. In order to be able to calculate working days and to avoid errors, a strict distinction between working day and working day is essential.