How can the blind deaf feel

Blind people

The dance class is a rather unfamiliar situation for Katharina. But when she gets off the bus with her white cane and looks for the way to the mall, that's everyday life for her.

The environment is more likely to react unsettled. Passers-by fluctuate between willingness to help and turning away. What to do if a blind person feels the way with a stick? What should you do if you don't react immediately to the green light at the traffic lights?

Do not hinder the blind

Above all else, blind people want one thing: not to be hindered by the sighted. However, this wish of the 150,000 blind people in Germany is often not fulfilled. The opinion is still widespread that the blind find it difficult to find their way around their surroundings.

However, the blind can do more than the sighted suspect. This leads to a lot of misunderstandings. Almost every blind person knows the situation in which a helpful fellow citizen takes him by the arm and leads him across the street - a street that he did not want to cross! The well-intentioned often turns into the opposite.

So would you prefer to ignore the blind man at the bus stop? The right behavior lies between the two extremes: Watching blind people trying to find their way around and responding to requests for help. Because the blind have learned to demand support at the right moment. Then willingness to help is required.

What the sighted cannot see

Blind is not always blind, even if the eyesight is lacking. How a blind person can find their bearings also depends on when they went blind. If you can't see anything, you have to sharpen other senses for orientation - especially hearing and touch. For the blind as well as for the sighted, however, the following applies: As you get older, it becomes more difficult to develop new skills.

This is why it is more difficult for people who go blind at an advanced age than people who have been blind since birth or childhood to develop hearing and touch for daily orientation. An old person with no eyesight can be completely helpless, while someone who has been blind since birth can find the daily way to work without outside help.