Are Star Wars Stormtroopers people

Uwe Bartelt - nurse in the urology clinic

"I still enjoy my job a lot - even if it is mentally and physically stressful."

After completing his commercial training in 1998, Uwe Bartelt realized that caring for people in need is much more important to him. After completing his community service, he applied as one of 750 applicants for one of 50 UMG training positions to become a nurse ... and was accepted.

Since then he has been working - still full of conviction - in nursing, currently in urology. Tradition obliges; even his father worked as a nurse in the UMG for 37 years. But it is more than that: Uwe Bartelt is not only passionate about his hobby "Star Wars", but also about his family in harmony with his job.

Dear Mr. Bartelt, you have been a big Star Wars fan since you were a child and were involved in the UMG's "Mask-On-Campaign" in July 2020. How did that happen?

“I've been a Star Wars fan since I can remember. At some point I added my own Stormtrooper costume. Together with United Force Squad - a Star Wars costume community from southern Lower Saxony - I appear for a good cause. And of course I was immediately enthusiastic about the UMG campaign. "

You are actually a nurse in the urology clinic - how was your last year?

“I still really enjoy my job - even if it is mentally and physically stressful. That made the corona pandemic even worse. Of course, there is a high level of awareness of other diseases; And of course with a family you feel a very special responsibility to be even more careful here. The past year has put both strain on our team and welded them together. "

Why do you still enjoy working in nursing so much?

“I have known some of my colleagues for 20 years - when I was doing my apprenticeship. Now we're working together; Even when the work has become faster and more demanding, I can count on my colleagues. We are very positive and focused in the team - it's just fun. Greetings to Katharina, Susanne, Thomas, Luise and Gudrun! "

What do you wish for your work in the coming year?

“In a Miss America election, I would say: World Peace & Tolerance. But for my daily work in the UMG, I wish that you pause and appreciate what you have in a positive way. The FSJ students (FSJ = Voluntary Social Year) in our area are doing a great job and I hope that they will continue to be motivated. Personally, I hope that, despite all the new Corona challenges, I will succeed in getting work and family under one roof. "

Do your colleagues know you in your Star Wars costume?

“Well, actually very few. But after this interview that could possibly change. If the opportunity presents itself, I would like to send greetings to all UMG people throughout the house - you are all doing a great job! I wish all patients a good and quick recovery, especially at Christmas time, as well as a lot of strength in the event of serious illnesses. "

Dear Mr. Bartelt - thank you! In the Star Wars sense: "May the New Year be with you."

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