How dangerous are tools and machines

Do-it-yourselfers live dangerously: Accidents every two minutes

Almost every second German works as a do-it-yourselfer in their free time. There is a trend towards borrowed machines with which hobby craftsmen can do more complicated work themselves. But that can be dangerous, warns the R + V Insurance information center. Every two minutes a do-it-yourselfer injures himself so badly that he has to see a doctor - and most accidents involve a machine.

More and more Germans are borrowing high-performance devices from hardware stores or rental centers. But inexperienced hobbyists in particular are often overwhelmed with grinding machines, table saws or electric planes. Serious accidents are the result. "Do-it-yourselfers should always have the devices explained to them in advance," says Dr. Marko Ostendorf, doctor at the R + V Infocenter. He also advises wearing protective clothing, observing the safety instructions and avoiding distractions at work as much as possible.

More tips for safe DIY:

  • Under no circumstances should you remove protective devices from the machines - not even if this makes the work quicker.
  • Always wear the recommended protective clothing. Depending on the machine or tool, these include, for example, work gloves, protective goggles and hearing protection.
  • When working with tools and machines, there is no place in a hurry - if in doubt, it is better to allow for a few more days.
  • Do not overestimate your own strength during strenuous work and take regular breaks.
  • Concentrate on your work, because even the slightest inattention can have painful consequences. Turn off the machine in the event of distractions.