Why do dogs hunt birds

Proven special case: dog and chickens

Do you have a dog and would like some chickens in your own garden? There are a few things to consider when bringing dogs and chickens together. But the socialization is going well and nothing stands in the way of a harmonious coexistence. Dogs have shared the closeness of humans with chickens for centuries, as both animal species belong to almost every farm. It is easiest when both the dog and the chickens are used to each other from an early age. This is the rule on a farm: puppies are born here and get to know chickens who have been familiar with farm dogs since they were chicks. If the pups are too stormy, experienced chickens will fight back. However, agitation of chickens that are not used to dogs could awaken the dog's hunting instinct.

If you don't live on a farm anyway, you should introduce the young dog to chickens already. If he learns from puppy age that chickens are not potential prey, he will behave relaxed towards them. Stop all hunting behavior in the direction of feathered animals from an early age and always reward your four-legged friend when it behaves relaxed in the vicinity of the chicken. If the chickens run around freely, first let your dog join the chickens on the drag line. Be sure to provide retreat facilities such as raised bars or stalls that dogs cannot access. At night, the feathered animals find protection from foxes and martens here.

Make sure that retrievers do not try to retrieve the chicken - they can cause serious injury. The same applies to herding dogs, who drive chickens around with pinch and pinch. If you bring a puppy near adult chickens, keep a safe distance the first time you meet them: some chickens like to peck other animals, which can lead to injuries and great fright.