What is Valancy

meaning of valency in English

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By way of balance, it would have been ideal if a similarly general chapter on valency-decreasing mechanisms could have been added to the book.
Strong inherent transitive valency and little specific semantics is what turns these verbs into generic, prototypical transitive verbs.
It is suggested that facilitation proceeds by analogy on the basis of similarity in semantics and in valency.
Although it might seem possible again to consolidate lexical transitivity and surface valency, the properties of impersonals confirm the independence of these notions.
This last process is constrained by agreement within nominal chunks and by valency requirements (subcategorization) within verbal phrases.
The same apparatus is applied to dependencies: the relationship between dogs and bark is a subject, which isa valency and predependent and (ultimately) dependent.
It assumes a wide definition of valency, covering not only the patterns of verbs, but also those of nouns and adjectives.