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Hello, since my Vkook One Shots have already been well received on Wattpad, I will publish a few of them here.


First kiss

"How, you've never kissed anyone before?" Taehyung asks, stunned, and looks at Jungkook intently. "Well, I've never kissed anyone before. It's not difficult to understand," replies Jungkook, slightly irritated and blushing.

The two best friends sit on Tae's bed and tell each other things. The older of the two would never have expected that something like this will come out today.

"Why?" He asks curiously and Jungkook sighs. "I used to be totally shy and didn't have any friends because of it. Do you really think I kissed anyone there? Besides, the right person has never been there before," explains Jungkook, puffing his cheeks. Taehyung grins and pokes into it so that the air flows out again. Taehyung has to laugh and Jungkook too.

"Would you have liked to have him behind you already?", Tae asks after he has calmed down and Jungkook nods. "Somehow yes. Everyone reports about it and I can never have a say," he replies and Tae nods thoughtfully. He sticks out his tongue slightly and thinks. Then his face lights up and he looks excitedly at Jungkook. "Shall I give it to you? Your first kiss? We're best friends, it doesn't matter," he suggests, grinning his typical grin. Jungkook looks at him doubtfully. "You don't like men at all," he argues. "Anyway, you're cute. It's okay. So what is it now?" He asks again and Jungkook blushes. Then he nods. "If you would do that .." he mumbles and Tae nods eagerly. "What should I do?" Asks Jungkook and Tae smiles. "Close your eyes and let me do it," he explains, whereupon Jungkook tightly closes his eyes. His heart beats in his neck and he gets nervous easily. At some point he feels warm breath on his lips and has to swallow. "Ready?" Taehyung asks gently and Jungkook nods. Then he feels two full, soft lips on his and gets a pleasant prick in the stomach. As if automatically, he returned the pressure. He can feel Taehyung smile. The older one begins to move his lips against Jungkook's and the latter imitates the movement immediately. He has to sigh because it feels so good. His pulse is racing and his whole body is tingling. Does every kiss feel so good? Or is it because it is Taehyung that he is kissing here? Taehyung disengages and Jungkook looks at him with an open mouth. "Ready for phase 2?" Taehyung asks quietly and Jungkook nods as if hypnotized. Tae smiles and kisses Jungkook again. But this time he licks Jungkook's lips lightly. He is a bit overwhelmed and just opens his mouth. Taehyung's tongue penetrates it and nudges Jungkook's tongue. You nestle them together and let them dance slowly. Jungkooks tingle and sting is spreading more and more. So much so that he can hardly stand it. He clutches Tae's shirt. He grins and pushes Jungkook down onto the mattress. Then he lies down on the younger one. And all without breaking the kiss for a second. But at some point there is unfortunately a lack of air and he has to do it. You take a short breath before Tae's lips neither land on Jungkooks and he kisses him more and more passionately. Jungkook has long since got the hang of it and is driving Taehyung crazy. After a while, they come off completely. "Wow", Taehyung gasps breathlessly, whereupon Jungkook nods with big eyes. "Did you like it?" Taehyung asks hoarsely and Jungkook nods again. "I've never seen anything more beautiful," he replies honestly, and Taehyung smiles happily. Then he bends down so that the tips of their noses touch. "I'm not into men, right. I'm only into kookies. Or only one. Would you give me a chance?", He confesses and even blushes slightly. "May I kiss you more often then?" Asks Jungkook, eyes wide. "You're so cute. As often as you want," Taehyung replies and Jungkook shows his happiest smile. "Then let's try it," he replies to the previous question and Taehyung can't help but kiss his - now - boyfriend with feeling and gratefulness.

"I love you Tae very much," says Jungkook later and cuddles a little more against Taehyung's chest. "I love you too, Kookie," he replies happily and kisses Jungkook on the forehead.

"My first kiss and my first friend were and are both you. Don't consider me cheesy, but I hope that you will also be my last friend and my last kiss," mumbles Jungkook happily and falls asleep smiling.

"How lucky can you be," Taehyung mumbles to himself and strokes Jungkook's hair.

"I hope so too, my little Kookie. This may be a little too early, but I've liked you for a long time and I have to get rid of it: I really love you with all my heart. I give you my heart," he whispers with a smile. What he doesn't know is that Jungkook is still half awake and is dying inside. With happiness, of course. "I love you too. For a long time too. Oops."
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