Is computer science a paying major?

In which country should you study computer science?

Hans Meyer  📅 15.11.2016 17:56:01
In which country should you study computer science?

I will start my computer science studies soon. I would possibly have several countries to choose from for this course of study. These would be Germany, Scotland, Ireland and possibly Canada.

My question now is, which of these countries is also quite practice-related? You always hear that America is the best country to study computer science because there is also a lot of practical information available. Whereby one often hears about Germany that the Bachelor in Computer Science is more like a Bachelor in Mathematics and is very theoretical.

I would appreciate any input. It's really not about any rankings, but also about having as much practice as possible.
stati  📅 16.11.2016 15:15:37
Re: In which country should you study computer science?
How about applied computer science or similar courses, possibly at more practice-oriented universities? If you are very good, maybe at the Hasso Plattner Institute
Re: In which country should you study computer science?
100% Canada especially when you come to uwaterloo or toronto.
Find out about the common workterms there then you know what I mean and that you want to go there.
(Since you explicitly mentioned Canada, I assume that you will be covered by the tuition fees.)
aldante  📅 16.11.2016 17:15:06
Re: In which country should you study computer science?
Canada. Best quality of life, and the proximity to the USA makes it much easier to get into the world's largest IT industry after graduation.

The cost of living is just higher today than in Ireland or Great Britain - significantly higher than in Germany. So the financing is not just about the tuition fees, but also about the cost of living.
Hans Meyer  📅 16.11.2016 20:16:51
Re: In which country should you study computer science?
Hi, Thanks in advance for all the answers. No, at the moment I'm not even sure if they will be accepted (if I should choose Canada). It's just about the fact that I could possibly easily come to the country (and stay there to study) thanks to an acquaintance.

What would be the best choice after Canada?
Re: In which country should you study computer science?
Imho de.
The alternatives seem to me to be too insignificant, especially with regard to it.
But unlike Canada, it's more of a general assessment on my part.
onboard  📅 20.11.2016 13:44:43
Re: In which country should you study computer science?
I would study in Germany, because studying in these countries is completely overpriced. With the degree you can then apply worldwide, gladly in the countries mentioned, and thus get a visa; under 35, entry with the work-and-travel visa to Canada is currently an option. As a qualified computer scientist you enjoy a different status there than as a paying, unskilled German student with a temporary residence visa for the duration of the study and are only 3-5 years older ...

Incidentally, I also don't understand why some Germans study overpriced in the USA when it costs a fraction of that in Germany and the degree in computer science and engineering is equally valuable. I also have a friend who thought she had to study in the USA. The tuition fees alone amount to 10,000 dollars per semester, plus the cost of living in New York ... Not exactly a snapper for an architecture degree, which the universities in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Berlin would have made possible - if not at all scientifically higher standards.

In the end, she is probably heavily in debt, can no longer get a visa and can return to Dtld to file for personal bankruptcy.
aldante  📅 20.11.2016 15:12:52
Re: In which country should you study computer science?
You study in the USA because you want to work there afterwards.
onboard  📅 20.11.2016 16:05:29
Re: In which country should you study computer science?
Yes, bankruptcy and then working below the seizure exemption limit in a cheap small German suburb with a student visa expired at the same time is the more likely prognosis - as I said earlier.
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