What are some Viking words of wisdom

Seven Viking proverbs about life

The proverbs of the Vikings show that their life was not all about war and conquest. Learn more about it in our article.

Last update: 13 September, 2019

One of the best ways to understand your present life is to study your past. If you understand your roots, you will find numerous answers for yourself. The proverbs of Vikings could be a good inspiration for you. They offer us interesting perspectives on life, death and social and human development.

Many people believe that the Vikings were just a bunch of fierce pirates interested only in war, pillage, and murder. However, they were also a great source of knowledge and wisdom. Your proverbs are the best proof of this.

But in addition to their proverbs, the Vikings also created impressive iconographies and legends. These inspired numerous artists like for example the writer J.R.R. Tolkien. The stories of the Vikings served as a template for “Middle-earth” in his trilogy Lord of the Rings. Stan Lee was also inspired by the Vikings and created his cartoon characters, which are world-famous through many film adaptations.

The Vikings are generally reputed to have been violent robbers and looters. But this reputation does not do them justice, because they also had another, more peaceful and deeper side. Historians describe them as successful merchants and craftsmen.

They also made beautiful jewelry and came up with many fables and stories that have survived to our day. Their religion and iconography were rich and complex. If you read the proverbs of the Vikings, you will understand these qualities even better.

Viking proverbs advise us to be careful when using power

"If you eat cherries with the mighty cherries, you run the risk of bones flying around your nose."

A well-known saying today says “You recognize a person by the society he maintains”. The Vikings were very aware of this. Dangerous friendships, especially with influential people, could have dire consequences for the humble and weak. That's because these people have a lot to lose when it comes down to it.

You should be careful

"Before you enter a room, you should find out where to leave it."

The Vikings weren't just great warriors. In addition, they were also very wise. And so they acted wisely and deliberately.

The advice they give us in this saying is this: we should always have a plan of escape whenever we go to an unknown location, start a conversation, start a new job, or start a new business. Otherwise it can happen that we find ourselves in a dead end with no way out.


"When you've made a loyal friend and you want them to be useful to you, open your heart, send them gifts, and travel often to visit them."

Friendship, camaraderie and good companions were valued in Viking society. The importance they placed on cultivating friendships and relationships is also reflected in their proverbs.

Cleverness was an important value to the Vikings

“There is no luggage better than sanity and a clear mind. In distant lands this is much more useful than gold and helps the poor out of trouble. "

This Viking saying reminds us of the importance of being sensible and prudent. No money in the world can save you if you do not have intelligence and wisdom. With these two qualities, you will be able to get out of any problem or difficulty. And you will be able to do this yourself at the end of the world. Don't forget that the Vikings were some of the bravest sailors. You sailed to America before Christopher Columbus.

Viking proverbs advise people to live their lives

“Live with hope as long as you live, the living always progresses. I saw the flames of a mansion, but there was a dead man on the door. ”

You should also know that the Vikings good food and pleasure very much appreciated. For them, life was a path that always led forward. Death represented a natural transition and Valhalla awaited the brave warriors.

Don't mock other people too much

"The house of the one who mocks the other will burn down in the end."

This saying can be interpreted in different ways. On the one hand, it wants to make you aware that you should be careful. On the other hand, it also reminds you to respect and look out for others. Therefore, it is important that you are careful and level-headed in life.

A free bird ...

"Better a free bird than a captive king."

We conclude our article with a wise saying. It has been varied in different ways by many people. It is intended to remind you that in order to protect your rights or to grant yourself a wish, you often have to give up something else for it.

You may be tempted to give up your freedom because you received a tempting offer. This saying reminds you that you should always think very carefully before doing this.

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