Is the kickback in video games realistic?

How Modern Warfare aims to make its weapons more realistic than ever before

The 2019 reboot of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare puts a lot of emphasis on realism. With new details on his weapons and the weapon system, the developers are once again underlining their high ambitions.

Where does the information come from? In its most recent “Intel Drop”, the Infinity Ward team shared fresh details on the weapons and upcoming weapon system for Modern Warfare 2019. Mark Grigsby, the animation director of the development studio, had a say.

This is how the weapons contribute to the realism in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The new engine now opens up completely new possibilities. In this context, the weapons should appear very authentic and behave and look in most situations as one would expect them to do in the real world. The devil is in the details. This is how you want to do justice to your own high demand for realism:

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The animations

In the upcoming Call of Duty offshoot, the animation of the weapons is very important. A lot will change in this area compared to its predecessors.

Weapon movements and animations while standing: The new animations should take into account, for example, the weight and swaying of the weapon in a variety of situations - whether in action or simply when standing still.

There will be new idle animations, where natural small muscle movements have an effect on holding the weapon and on its movements.

In general, however, the weapons should also react much more strongly and more realistically to their surroundings. So if you move up a flight of stairs with a weapon, the animation will take this into account and display it differently than if you just stood around somewhere and waited. Then the weapon will move differently and no longer appear as if it was firmly nailed to the camera setting.

Even if you look around or change the direction of view (not in aim mode, but when moving normally), the weapon animation is detached from the gaze. First the head turns, so your gaze, the weapon then follows detached from it in a realistic movement.

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New reload animations: A lot has happened, especially with the reload animations. For example, the animation now depends on whether the magazine is full or half full, or how many cartridges remain in the mag.

The type of magazine also influences the animation. It says: “We never used to show the transition from one magazine to the next. But now everything is physically taken into account. If you have an extended magazine or a drum magazine, all movements during each of these reloads are crisp, strong, aggressive. It gives a different sense of power and shows how the Tier 1 Operators handle these weapons. ”

In addition, there is now a kind of tactical reloading. Because you can now reload in the visor view (in the ADS) - a novelty in the Call-of-Duty series.

If you have previously been shooting in a serial offshoot and then want to reload, the weapon leaves the aiming device mode and then starts the reload animation. Only then can you target the enemy again. In Modern Warfare 2019, the weapon will be able to remain on the target in the sight view (ADS), so you will remain active in the battle. The visors have also been adapted in this context, so that you can also keep an eye on your surroundings better.

The mounting system: The so-called mounting system had already been unveiled beforehand. This can be used to support your weapon on objects such as walls and door frames. As soon as players are in the vicinity of such a surface, they can use the function. This system, including animation, has a major impact on the recoil, making the weapon more stable.

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The effects

The weapon effects should differ greatly depending on the weapon and caliber. It makes a huge difference whether a wall or an enemy is hit by a 50 caliber projectile or a smaller projectile.

If enemies are hit by large-caliber projectiles, they can be thrown backwards through the air. In addition, you can process doors into kindling faster with larger calibers. Players should feel the power difference so clearly.

In addition, there are other particle effects such as sparks, fire or smoke, which change adequately with the power of the respective weapon.

The sound

The sound should also contribute to realism. Among other things, it should sound significantly different when you fire a gun outdoors or in a narrow space. In addition, weapon attachments such as flash hiders also have an impact on the sound of a weapon.

The big picture

The weapons should be represented as accurately as possible. This includes the animations, the effects and the sound. Together, these aspects should ultimately ensure that the player feels every single weapon and its power and notices the differences noticeably.

What do you think of these features? Are these aspects that are important for you and that influence a potential purchase? Or are other things more important to you?

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