Which artist sang the song Love Letter

Love Letters (song)

Love letters is a song from the film's soundtrack Love letters.

Love letters
Genre (s)Film music
textEdward Heyman
musicVictor Young
LabelParamount Picture
Award (s)Nomination for an Oscar in 1946
albumLove letters (film)
Cover versions
1945 Dick Haymes
1962 Ketty Lester
1966 Elvis Presley
1987 Alison Moyet

Origin background

Music genre

The stanzas of the song are in D major, the refrain in G major. The song form is in ABAC and consists only of a simple melody consisting of a few individual notes in ascending order.[1] The text only consists of a verse and a chorus. The subject of love letters is taken up in the text.

Cover versions

Versions of the piece with vocals have been published by numerous artists, the best known being those by Dick Haymes (1946), Ketty Lester (1962), Elvis Presley (1966) and Alison Moyet (1987). Dick Haymes ’version for Decca Records was a hit in the United States. The version by Ketty Lester reached number 6 on the then US charts in 1962 and sold millions of copies in 1962. This version was made in 1986 by David Lynch for his film Blue Velvet used in 2012 by Andrew Dominik for the crime film Killing Them Softly[2][3][1] and 2014 in the crime scene At the end of the hall, produced and broadcast for the first time by Bayerischer Rundfunk on May 4, 2014. Alison Moyet's version reached # 4 in the British UK Top 40 in 1987.[4]

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Individual evidence

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