Your POS system tracks customers

Our point-of-sale system is web-based and specially designed for restaurants that want to efficiently deliver high-quality food to their customers. An automated system that focuses on the speed of the service and helps optimize delivery performance. Accessible anytime, anywhere.


Hardware independent

We have created a POS system that can be operated on any device. You can continue to work with your current hardware configuration, which minimizes costs and integration time.


Focused on delivery

The toughest part of your business is consistently delivering the best possible products on demand. Our intelligent software combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize delivery performance.


Made by experts

Our products are created by and with experts. We know where we can offer additional benefits and which complexities have to be overcome. We concentrate on the real goal: the perfect product for your customers.


User friendly

So that the entire chain can work with the system without problems, we always focus on its user-friendliness. Intuitively designed, designed to increase efficiency.


Web based

Our POS system, which is built on a central application programming interface, uses the possibilities offered by the global cloud. We enable easy updates and offer constant innovation, while at the same time optimizing the connection between all of your channels.


Data driven

We help you succeed by providing you with the most reliable and useful data. We focus on kitchen efficiency, accuracy in making decisions, and franchise-wide customer motivation.


Prioritization of orders

The makescreen prioritizes orders and items based upon an automated calculation that aims to optimize overall order quality. Showing the first-to-make item on top of your task list.

Order fulfillment

We have integrated a specific notification into the dispatcher to ensure that every single order is completely delivered. This prevents dissatisfied customers and unnecessary compensation costs.

Live mapping

By integrating Google Maps, our system helps you to track all your orders and drivers and to get an overview of your current delivery status. In this way you can give your customers precise delivery dates.

Performance dashboard

Working towards a common goal motivates teams. With the live display of performance data in the store and in the entire franchise, we want to motivate your team and ensure healthy competition across the chain.


Our order acceptance offers the possibility to integrate upselling functions in order to increase the order value and to offer customers better and more personalized offers.


Your workforce will become more dynamic and flexible. To cope with the complexity, we have integrated training courses that make your future employees ready for action in no time.

Our POS system is available for all devices

The complete solution

POS system

A revolutionary, web-based point-of-sale system, specially made for delivering the best possible products to your customers.

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Online ordering

A bespoke website for you that will help you increase sales and improve the customer experience.

sale Optimize
Customer participation

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MOBile apps

A state-of-the-art custom app that enables customer interaction.

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Customer loyalty

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