What is Coro's most successful song

Queen - I Want To Break Free

Year: 1984
Length: 3:00
Label: EMI
Album: The Works

The hit is the male perspective on the emancipation of women, which was still a major social issue in the mid-80s. The song was written by the band's bassist,John Deacon. In the very striking video for the hit, you can also see the band members ofQueenin drag outfits - above allFreddie Mercurywhen vacuuming. A parody of the soap "Coronation Street", which was very popular in England in the 80s.Freddie Mercuryeven wanted to shave off his mustache for the video, but the director of the video,David Mallet, stopped him: "That's just the funny thing! You with a mustache and drag outfit doing housework." The hit was stylistically rather untypical forQueen, but still became one of their most successful songs. In the late 80s it became the anthem of the South African liberation movement -Nelson Mandelawas still in captivity at the time. 1992 performedLisa Stansfieldthe hit at the tribute concert after deathFreddie Mercurys. She sang it at Wembley Stadium with curlers in her hair and a vacuum cleaner in hand - based on the video. The hit made it to number 4 in the German charts, but it flopped in the USA, which was also due to the fact that MTV did not play the video there.Roger TaylorofQueen that still annoys today:

At that time, that was always on MTVWhitesnake, and another video fromWhitesnake. And againWhitesnake. Men in women's clothes were probably not rock enough for them. Unfortunately, that had an impact on the success ofQueen in America, because many of the following singles were not played there either. With "I Want To Break Free" we lost the market there.