Will the Conservatives ever reject Donald Trump's leadership?

Look at the international pressDonald Trump's victory shocks the world

Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential election shocked commentators in newspapers around the world. Many see difficult years ahead of the United States.

The newspaper The New York Times from New York writes:

"President Donald Trump. Three words that were unthinkable for millions of Americans - and for most of the world - are now the future of the United States. His victory has blown away the Hillary Clinton-dominated Democratic Party. Who is he?" Man who will be the 45th President of the US? We don't know. But we do know that Donald Trump will be the most unprepared president the US has ever had in recent history. We know he will be in words and deeds proved that he cannot lead a nation of 320 million people. We know he lies without scruples. Donald Trump's victory has led the United States to the brink. "

"A prayer for America," headlines The Washington Post:

"All we can do now is pray for our country - more urgently than ever before. And we hope that our other decision-makers in Congress, in the Senate and in the courts are strong enough to support American ideals and our liberal institutions during the Trump presidency." To defend."

The Russian newspaper Izvestia written down:

"Not only for the Democrats, but also for part of the Republican leadership, a President Donald Trump was seen as the worse option. Because he is not afraid to go against the established system, and he says what he thinks and not what It is precisely for this reason that Hillary Clinton's supporters have not only worked against him in this election campaign. And it is precisely for this reason that the majority of Americans voted Trump their 45th president. "

The Turkish online newspaper T24 from Istanbul comments on Donald Trump:

"How could a misogynist, a racist, an anti-Semite who calls blacks lazy, generally declares Mexicans rapists, turns Muslims into Islamic terrorists, who wants to raise trade barriers and plays with nationalism that is not interested in democratic values, 45. Becoming President of the United States? It's incredible. The Trump nightmare has come true. Not just for the United States, but for the whole world. "

For the Austrian newspaper The press Hillary Clinton from Vienna failed because of her - quote - "cold professionalism":

"This election was a crushing vote against the ruling elite in Washington and against political correctness. The rejection of 'those up there' outweighed the disgust for the tasteless fluff of Trump. A key to his success was his simple and often too vulgar language that deeply disgusted some, but apparently attracted at least as many, especially the older white middle and lower classes. His opponent, supposed favorite Hillary Clinton, embodied the hated establishment. In the end, this election turned out to be a referendum against her That is tragic. Because the US Democrat would undoubtedly have the experience and the necessary skills for the highest office in the state. "

The Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Official Gazette of the Russian Government, notes:

"The defeat of Hillary Clinton is a slap in the face of the Americans for the political establishment in their country. Donald Trump's victory is an embarrassment for the sociologists, experts, bookmakers and the media, almost all of whom, without exception, prophesied Clinton victory."

The Gazeta Wyborza from Warsaw is pessimistic about the future of the USA:

"Today the America we know may come to an end. Everything can happen now. Hardly any election has triggered such emotions so far. Not even in 2008, when US citizens voted for an African American. This election result is so special because The US has not been so divided for a long time. And the country has ceased to be a role model for other democracies. Many US citizens will be ashamed of Donald Trump's election victory. "

The British Financial Times provides the United States - quote - "radical political changes":

"Under Donald Trump as President, some of Barack Obama's signature achievements, including Obamacare health insurance, environmental policy and the Iran nuclear deal, could be sunk. The Democrats' hopes of shaping the Supreme Court for the next generation according to their own ideas, likely to be undone. A highly conservative court is now likely. Foreign policy could also change dramatically. "

The Viennese default highlights the consequences of the Trump victory for the world:

"Donald Trump is US President. We will have to get used to it. We will still wonder what will be possible in the next few months. Because if Trump implements even some of his announcements, there will be no stone left in world politics others stay. His unpredictability is the only predictable thing. We are facing a turning point again. "

For the French newspaper Liberation are the US elites to blame for Donald Trump's victory:

"Shock. Thunderclap. And a feeling of dizziness at the idea that Donald Trump will be leaving his suitcase in the White House in barely two and a half months. Gifted with an extraordinary political instinct, Donald Trump - a visionary and ominous genius - has the annoyance of many US Leveraging citizens who have bitterly disappointed Washington and the elites. "

The Beijing newspaper sees it similarly Huanqiu Shibao:

"Trump not only defeated Clinton, but also the entire political elite in the US, including part of the Republicans. There can be no question of a political revolution yet, but the election results reveal the problems of the country's existing political order. Most Democrats and Republicans seem to have forgotten the worries of the middle and lower classes. Will Trump as president cause as big tremors in domestic and foreign policy as he did in the election campaign? Hardly, because he has no political capital to make his provocative slogans and his eloquent promises in the election campaign to implement "

At the end of the international press review, a voice from Belgium. De Tijd from Brussels writes:

"In the US, a new political culture is required to reconcile people with politicians. It is difficult to see in Donald Trump the reconciling personality who can bring America's politics out of the impasse. The US faces four lost years. "