How real is the BTS army

South Korea changes conscription law - especially for K-pop band BTS

December 03, 2020 - 1:14 p.m.

K-pop stars also popular in Germany

Change laws so that a band can continue to perform internationally? No problem in South Korea. Actually, all healthy men there have to go to the military for 1.5 years before they reach the age of 28. But this law posed a problem for the most famous Korean pop band BTS - when all members are in the army, it is difficult to perform and produce new songs. That is why the country is now making an exception for the K-Pop stars, who also fill entire halls in this country.

So far the only exception has been for athletes and classical musicians

The oldest member of the "Bangtang Boys", or BTS for short, will be 28 at the end of week - and, according to the old law, should have joined the military this year. However, the Korean parliament has now added an exception to the law: People who have performed "outstanding work in popular culture and art" can postpone the service for up to two years. Previously, the exceptions only applied to Olympians or classical artists, for example.

BTS make it to the top of the US chart with a Korean song

Only recently "BTS" celebrated another chart success in the USA. Their new single "Life Goes On" is the first number one hit in the 62-year history of the US charts, which is sung "predominantly in Korean", as the industry newspaper "Billboard" reported on Monday (local time). "Billboard" publishes the US single charts every week. According to the magazine, BTS was the first South Korean music group to make it to the top of the US charts in September with the song "Dynamite". However, this is in English. The corresponding album "BE" was released at the end of November. The group of seven won most of the awards at the MTV Europe Music Awards, including in the "Best Song" category for "Dynamite".

Up to 300 euros for a BTS ticket - a huge hype in Germany too

BTS is also very popular in this country: in 2018, fans in Berlin paid up to 300 euros for a ticket for the concerts on October 16 and 17 and spent many hours in front of the Mercedes Benz Arena to get the best seats.

Boygroup and girlgroup formats are booming in South Korea. The Bangtan Boys have been around since 2013. The boys are now stars of their own real-life documentaries and have over ten million subscribers on YouTube.