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Shahabad District

The Shahabad or Arrah District, headquartered in Arrah (now part of the Bhojpur District, Bihar), was a Bhojpuri-speaking district in western Bihar, India, which formed the western border of Bihar with Uttar Pradesh. In 1972 the district was divided into two districts: Bhojpur and Rohtas. The Kaimur district was carved out of Rohtas in 1991 and the Buxar district in 1992 from Bhojpur. Historically, the geographic area was the eastern part of the Mahajanapada Kingdom of Kashi, with the Son River separating it from Magadh. The districts in the former Shahabad are as follows: Bhojpur District headquartered in Arrah Rohtas District headquartered in Sasaram Kaimur District headquartered in Bhabua Buxar District headquartered in Buxar All four of the above districts fall under the Patna Division along with Patna and Nalanda District. Deputy Prime Minister and longest serving union minister in India Meira Kumar, retired officer of the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) and 1st Lok Sabha spokeswoman. Ram Subhag Singh, Minister of Railways of India from February 14, 1969 to November 4, 1969 Bhuvaneshwar Prasad Sinha, 6th Chief Justice of India Bisheshwar Prasad Singh, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Bombay Anil Sinha, officer of the Indian Police Service (IPS) and current director of CBI Srimat Pandey, Indian Administrative Service (IAS) official from 1984. Former Chief Secretary of Rajasthan. Bindeshwari Dubey, 21st Prime Minister of Bihar and former Indian Union Minister Anant Sharma, former Union Minister and Governor of Punjab and West Bengal Prashant Kishor, political strategist who led the NDA to victory in the 2014 elections Vinay Pathak, Bollywood actor Manoj Tiwari, member of Parliament and one of the two Bhojpuri cinema superstars Vashishtha Narayan Singh, Indian mathematician and former NASA scientist Veer Kunwar Singh, Indian freedom fighter who fought against the British at the age of 80 Sardar Harihar Singh, former Prime Minister of Bihar (from Chaungain) Abdul Qaiyum Ansari; Freedom Fighter, President of the All India Momin Conference through which he fought against Jinnah's two-nation theory, former Bihar Cabinet Minister, MP