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Osmium is not only the rarest precious metal known, but currently the rarest element on earth.

Osmium is promoted together with platinum. 10,000 t of platinum ore contain only 30 grams of osmium. The separation of these two metals is complex and therefore very expensive.

As platinum production decreases, less osmium will be broken down. This increases the rarity and the value even further.

The annual production of osmium has only been around 100 kg since 2019. Most of this is used for crystallization and the rest is processed in industry worldwide in the form of osmium compounds.

Presumably only around two cubic meters can be degraded worldwide.

Production is currently increasing as more and more mines separate the osmium. This means that more osmium will be available in the future.

Although osmium tetroxide is very toxic, it is needed for various industrial purposes including medical products in addition to jewelry production.

We have access to all of the recoverable osmium, which can then be crystallized. Osmium cannot be bought from private owners!

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Your chances with osmium

Osmium is mainly used as an investment and jewelry metal. The special properties of osmium could result in numerous other applications. But for most other uses, osmium is simply far too rare and therefore too expensive.

In the long term, all investors will primarily benefit from the fact that osmium will become increasingly difficult to acquire due to its rarity for jewelers and other users. In the future, institutional and private investors will supply the market with crystalline osmium.

The price for osmium will therefore rise in the medium and long term despite normal fluctuations.

The use of osmium in jewelry is increasing. It is mostly processed into spectacular pieces of jewelry together with other precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum or titanium. This valuable jewelry removes additional and irretrievable material from the osmium market. Since these pieces of jewelry remain unchanged in private hands, the osmium can no longer be recovered from them.


Osmium has the highest abrasion resistance of all raw materials. So it would be the most durable file in the world.

It also has the highest density of all chemical elements and compounds known today. That is why osmium cannot be counterfeited or substituted.

The unique blue-silver to blue-white sheen unfolds above all in the reflection of sunlight and LED artificial light. The high reflectivity reflects the light back in all directions, making the sparkling and overwhelming crystal structure easy to see.

The compression module of osmium is also above all other substances on earth. If you could extract significantly more than 120 kg per year, you would use it to build the tallest houses or the most stable submarines, for example.

Periodic table

Osmium is the chemical element with atomic number 76 and the element symbol Os. In the periodic table of the elements it is found in the iron group. Osmium belongs to the platinum metals and is a hard, brittle, steel-blue transition metal.

The compression modulus of 462 GPa is the highest of all elements and is only exceeded by aggregated diamond nanorods. Osmium has the highest density at 22.61 g / cm3.

Osmium terminates the precious metals in the subgroup elements and is the last of its kind.

Precious metals

The precious metals are those metals that are resistant to corrosion. This means that they are permanently chemically stable in a natural environment under the influence of air and water. Because of this stability and rarity, gold and silver have been used to make jewelry and coins for millennia.

In the last four centuries, the new platinum metals were also discovered. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium still play the dominant role in the global precious metal markets.

Since 2014 osmium can also be crystallized and made tradable and has been available to everyone since then. It is mainly used as an investment, jewelry metal, store of value and means of payment. Since non-crystalline osmium (usually as a powder) is harmful to health, it could not even be brought onto the market before the development of the crystallization process.

Where can you get osmium?

Osmium has been tradable since 2014. It is available as an investment metal or jewelry. Due to its special properties and its crystalline sheen, it started an unprecedented triumphal march.

Osmium is only available all over the world from selected specialist dealers who deliver osmium exclusively with a certificate of authenticity, which is issued by the "Osmium Institute for the Marketing and Certification of Osmium" in Germany and is linked to an eight-digit letter number code for each part.

Osmium is only used and traded in its crystalline form.

The authenticity of osmium is confirmed by a photographic archive and 3-D scans of the crystal structures.

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Knowledge of osmium

At the beginning of the 20th century, osmium was first used in the filaments of incandescent lamps. The name of the company Osram comes from osmium and tungsten.

However, the use of osmium also had some disadvantages. Processing was very difficult because osmium is very brittle and could not be processed into long threads. It is also very rare and expensive.

As a result, osmium was first replaced by tantalum and later by tungsten after only a short time.


The British chemist Smithson Tennant did not discover the element osmium together with iridium until 1804. He discovered both elements in insoluble residues of platinum ores which were dissolved in aqua regia. Since the osmium oxide smelled like chlorine and extremely pungent, Tennant named it after the Greek term for odor, "osme".

Areas of application

The annual production of osmium has only been around 100 kg since 2019. Most of this is used for crystallization and the rest is processed in industry worldwide in the form of osmium compounds.

The industrial and economic importance is therefore rather low. But in the crystalline and therefore non-toxic form it has found its way into watch and jewelry production. Because of its extreme rarity, crystalline osmium is increasingly being bought as an investment and store of value and the price has been rising steadily for some time.

A platinum-osmium alloy is a component of medical devices such as pacemakers and artificial heart valves. Osmium is also used as a catalyst for chemical syntheses, e.g. dihydroxylation.


Osmium heads the list of rarity among the non-radioactive elements. It usually always occurs together with platinum, but also with ruthenium, palladium and rhodium.

The most important deposits of osmium are in Borneo, Japan, North and South America, Tasmania and the Urals. The deposits are divided into primary and secondary. Mainly osmium-containing iron, chromium, copper and nickel ores are extracted from the primary deposits. In secondary deposits, on the other hand, one finds platinum metals combined with osmium.

The most common alloys are the naturally occurring iridosmium and osmiridium.


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