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Vendée Globe: "Apivia" in Apollo 13 fashion

This morning Dalin sent videos showing him cutting carbon fiber panels to size with the Flex on deck, after which it can be seen that he had made a sandwich laminate with a foam core from it. Obviously the part is finished and in place, yesterday evening and today he was already underway again at 20 knots boat speed. But he also sails on the starboard bow, the damage is on the port side.

Dalin also sent a long report from the ship:

Repair work on the sword case of "Apivia"

It was a tough day on board Apivia. When the damage happened it was a huge shock and a huge disappointment to me because I thought, "It's over." It was a difficult moment to see the damage.

But my team then switched to Apollo 13 mode. They sent me a solution to fix it with on-board resources. A fair amount of carbon fiber had to be cut and then laminated into a sandwich with a foam core. After that, I had to adjust the piece. It was a lot of work, the daylight was slowly fading, and I was pretty exhausted. Fortunately, I finished an hour before sunset. Then I rolled out the sail and slept all night. "

Vendée Globe Stand of the race at noon today

This morning I inspected the repair site, everything seems to be holding up. The foil doesn't move very much. I'm starting to have confidence in the repair. The race continues for "Apivia"! I was lucky in the accident because the wind died down at the exact moment of the damage. I took the pressure off the boat, put the sails back in order to get the sword as far out of the water as possible. Luckily the weather was with me. So I was able to tackle the repair immediately. I hope that was the final setback. I've lost a lot of time, but it's not too bad. I'm still within striking distance with my two friends! Now Thomas and I have the same foil handicaps. You are not far away, I have nothing to lose. Right now I'm sailing 22, 23 knots - we're getting closer to the Pacific ...

At the top, Yannick Bestaven and his "Maître Coq" took over the lead at short notice; he was almost 14 miles ahead of Thomas Ruyant at the 12 o'clock position update. Boris Herrmann is still sailing in the middle of the chasing group, currently in seventh place.

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