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Test run: Berlin hotline popular for lonely seniors

Berlin (dpa) - Around 240 lonely people reported to the new Berlin senior hotline Silbernetz between Christmas and New Year. The oldest caller was 90 years old and the longest conversation lasted around 70 minutes, reported initiator Elke Schilling on Tuesday. The free hotline based on the British model was only switched to the capital as a one-week test run in order to determine requirements. “In Manchester there were around ten calls a day when it started. That's why we made an average of 30 phone calls a day, more than we expected, ”added Schilling.

The Silbernetz association, which was founded as a contact for lonely or isolated elderly people, now wants to look for sponsors for three months. "We need around 200,000 euros a year," said Schilling. If successful, the association, a project in the Humanist Association of Germany, wants to offer the service on a permanent basis. There are already talks with call centers and the Senate Health Administration. The first private donations were received on the donation platform “betterplace”.

The hotline sees itself as an offer for people who do not want to call the crisis service and telephone counseling. Because their problem is loneliness. "This is not a crisis, but a permanent condition," said Schilling. "People just have no one to talk to." 60 percent of the women would have reported in the test phase, but also an astonishing number of men. And there were also ten percent callers who were younger than 60 years. The greatest need for discussion occurred on Christmas days.

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