What are EC motors


An EC motor can be used to operate a wide variety of devices and systems and is manufactured by ebm-papst AG in different versions. You have come to the right place at ebm-papst if you want to buy an EC motor from a company that is a global leader in the field of drive technology and controlled airflows. In addition to EC motors, you can also expect AC motors and DC motors as well as pumps in the area of ​​drive technology. We also offer you a large selection of fans, fans and blowers. Our products are used worldwide in telecommunications, the IT industry, heating technology, household technology, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technology, and in automotive and commercial vehicle technology. Anyone who needs an EC motor will find the right contact in us.

Buy an EC motor from an experienced specialist

Experience and know-how characterize the products from ebm-papst, which are popular around the world. Ebm-papst AG is the Swiss branch of the ebm-papst group of companies. The history of this group of companies can be traced back to 1963. In that year, Elektrobau Mulfingen GmbH & Co. KG was founded by Gerhard Sturm and Heinz Ziehl. Small external rotor motors formed the core of the business activity at that time. A short time later, the first compact fans in EC / DC technology were added. Two other companies were later taken over and in 2003 the names were changed to ebm-papst St. Georgen, ebm-papst Mulfingen and ebm-papst Landshut. The ultimate goal of the group of companies is to use air and movement as efficiently as possible. If you are interested in an EC motor, you will find an experienced partner in ebm-papst.

What exactly is an EC motor?

An EC motor is a brushless DC motor. The abbreviation "EC" stands for "electronically commutated". The EC motor is not based on the functional principle of the DC machine. Rather, an EC motor is a three-phase synchronous machine that is excited by permanent magnets.

What are the advantages of an EC motor?

Those who opt for an EC motor from ebm-papst AG enjoy numerous advantages. The company's EC motors offer great potential for energy savings. The EC motor has integrated motor electronics, so you have options such as monitoring, control, speed setting and networking. Our EC motors are also maintenance-free, durable and can be used in a wide variety of voltage ranges.

EC motor - let us advise you

If you are looking for an EC motor, you are in the best of hands with ebm-papst AG. With the broadest range of products and solutions, the ebm-papst group is the global market leader. An EC motor is available here in different versions for a wide range of applications. If you don't know which EC motor best suits your needs, let the company's competent employees advise you. Can't find the right solution in our program? Talk to us, we will be happy to work with you to find the optimal solution for your requirements.