Magnetic eyeliner is safe to use

That's why Magnetic Eyeliner is a hit with eyelashes


This is how all fake lashes become perfect

Eyeliner is basically a good foundation before sticking on your fake lashes. The Magnetic Eyeliner, however, can do more: Read here how to use it correctly.

A voluminous look, thick, long eyelashes: actually a dream. Thanks to fake lashes, nobody has to worry who is not naturally blessed with these dream eyelashes. With the right application, you can stylishly incorporate false eyelashes into your everyday life. However, there is still a small problem: as far as possible nobody should discover the small dizziness. How do I hide the small, fine adhesive edge that could reveal that I helped a little with the ultimate look? The magic word here is: Magnetic Eyeliner!

How to Use Magnetic Eyeliner Properly

The Magnetic Eyeliner is not just for magnetic eyelashes: Thanks to its special gel formula, it ensures a perfect hold on any form of fake lashes and ensures that the small support is not unnecessarily noticeable - simply magical! Ideally, you should use the black eyeliner and use a skilful curve to ensure that the lash line is lengthened and the gaze looks more open and intense. Before applying Magnetic Eyeliner, clean the area around the eyes with absolutely oil-free products. The first thing to do is to apply your real eyelashes.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Step: Apply eyeliner in several layers

    Be sure to apply several layers of the eyeliner. The foundation should be strong and intensive so that possible adhesive edges and transitions are not even noticeable. To start with, it is enough to apply the eyeliner directly to the lash line twice. To do this, work very precisely along the upper lash line. By the way, you decide how thick the eyeliner will be and what curve it has!

  2. Step: place fake lashes

    Now place your magnetic eyelashes directly on the magnetic eyeliner that you have already prepared well. Important: The eyeliner must still be a little damp. In addition, adjust the pressure well so that the eyeliner does not smear, but the fake lashes still hold really well.

  3. Step: Emphasize the eyes

    Now apply a lot of make-up to the eyes and the glamorous appearance is done. You can also easily touch up the fake lashes. Your eyelashes are ready for whatever you plan to do that day. And nobody will guess the secret of how you open your eyes.