Plants get jealous

The music fan

In Italy grapevine music was played. The result: their leaves became larger and the grapes tasted stronger. They don't have ears to listen to the music. But they feel the sound waves and like them; so much so that they even grow towards the speakers. With the grapevines this was tried out with classical music, Mozart, Vivaldi, Mahler. And which plant does heavy metal like?

The shy

The mimosa is actually a tree with beautiful bright yellow spherical flowers. But it is also called a "shameful sensory plant". Because when touched, it behaves like a shy snail. Of course it has no feelers to pull in. She closes her sheets. Sometimes it's like dominoes. Then not only the touched leaves fold up, but all on the branch. Is she really shy? It's more of a protection strategy. It still looks cute.

The cuddle freak

Like a hunchback cat, some plants respond to crawls - only much more slowly. A young maize plant that is petted every day, for example, changes its direction of growth. It no longer only grows in height, but more in width. It takes time, but in the end she has more space to cuddle.

The painkiller

If a tobacco plant is nibbled, it will not stay calm and will end up being eaten. In a sense, she's crying out for help. To do this, she sprays special fragrances into the air. First of all, this attracts larger insects, which eat whatever nibbles on them. Problem solved. If that's not enough, something else happens. Because the fragrances also signal to the plants all around that danger is imminent. Everyone is starting to produce a lot more nicotine, their poison. Does the caterpillar still like that?

The listener

Many plants like to be talked to. They will then grow larger and bear more fruit or flowers. Researchers believe that this is due to the carbon dioxide we breathe out. In addition, when speaking, sound waves are generated that have an effect similar to music. For example, tomato plants that were gossiped about by researchers yielded 500 grams more tomatoes than those that were raised in silence