What are Disk Tip pens for?

Correctly select the touch pen

Find the right stylus

What suits me and my device? This is how you can find the right touch pen for your mobile device or for working on your laptop.

Touch pen benefits

You operate your device much more precisely with stylus than with your fingers. Overall, digital pens therefore enable a more natural drawing and writing experience directly on the screen. Especially in connection with the right app, drawing, painting and sketching or even handwritten notes are optimally possible. Another plus: Touch pens ensure optimal protection of your devices, as less dirt and no more skin oil gets on them.


“Stylus”, as touch pens are also called, differ in size, type of tip and in material, shape and color. Another factor is the underlying technology.

  • The widespread “capacitive touchscreens” (multi-touch-capable screens that are touch-sensitive due to an electric field) require conductive input pens.
  • Some models are operated passively (via induction from the mobile device), and others have a battery or rechargeable battery installed directly (and can be charged via USB, for example).
  • In addition to the pure pen function, some pen models offer buttons for direct deletion or freely configurable function buttons.


Lace vs. touch pillows

The input with such a pen takes place either via (harder, thinner) tips or touch pads (round, softer, "cushion-shaped" input ends).

  • Touch cushions: Their soft round heads are made of rubber, silicone or covered with microfiber and are ideal for marking and typing. Please note that any (metal) frames must never end too close to the touch surface so that no scratch marks remain on the display.
  • Tips: These are good for drawing, painting, sketching, and writing. Consistently avoid models with sharp (metal) tips. Always use plastic-tipped digital pens. So your display stays just as beautiful as on the first day.
Photo: Cecilie_Arcurs / iStock

How to choose correctly:

  1. If you draw a lot on tablets or on the laptop, a touch pen with a tip is ideal. An erase function directly on the pen can also be an advantage in daily use. Some models also offer interchangeable nibs in order to imitate different types of nibs "from real crayons".
  2. If you only need a pen to operate your mobile device optimally or to mark elements, a pen with a touch pad is sufficient.
  3. What additional features do you need? Would you like to be able to erase directly with a pen? Should the pen have a pressure sensor to enable pressure-sensitive writing and drawing?
  4. Before buying, make sure that your hardware and software “can” each other. In other words: Apps and applications that are suitable for your most important areas of application should be compatible with the desired pen as well as with the tablet, smartphone or laptop.