Where and how did Illuminati rumors start

"Marvels Illuminati"? Rumor has been circulating about a new MCU project

With the mix of movies and Disney +Series, Phase IV could be the largest that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen so far, at least in terms of its size. Even if there is a risk that everything will shift further, Kevin Feige looks with his Marvel Studios certainly in the more distant future, to phase V and beyond. And this future should include the Illuminati - not the secret society from the 18th century, but the Marvel-Version of the Illuminati as introduced by comic book author Brian Michael Bendis in 2005.

The original cast of this superhero group, who pulls the strings out of the hiding place: Iron Man as representative of the Avengers, Professor X as representative of the X-Men, Mister Fantastic as representative of the Fantastic Four, Namor as representative of Atlantis, Black Bolt as representative the Inhumans and Doctor Strange as Supreme Magician on Earth. So an illustrious round, and a new cast listing The Illuminerdi (fits ...) now taken that the Marvel Studios have started developing some kind of project based on these Illuminati. The only confirmed details are said to be that Feige is listed as a producer and that the current title of the project Marvel's Illuminati reads. It is not yet known whether it is a film or a series. Everything should also be in a very early stage. But let's keep it in mind.