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By STARTUPS.CH, September 26, 2018

GEW Switzerland is from Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) inspired,a global event every November, dedicated to entrepreneurship, ecosystems, networking and dating. GEW is the world's largest celebration of the trailblazers and job creators who create startups to bring ideas to life, fuel economic growth and increase human wellbeing.

In 2017, the GEW took place in 167 countries and attracted over 10 million visitors

A week long GEW inspires people all over the world through locally, nationally and globally oriented activities, the aim of which is to help them with their next step towards entrepreneurship. These activities which of large-scale competitionsand events to intimate networking meetings pass, bring participants together with potential project partners, mentors and even investors.


Organizations can participate in a wide variety of activities such as event planning, acting as a local partner or even coordinating the respective initiative for an entire country as a GEW host. Those who want to test their entrepreneurial potential will find a wide range of activities. Entrepreneurs and investors can share ideas and experiences, in person or online.


  • Draw attention to your company and get recognized for your work.
  • Develop new target groups in your community.
  • Strengthen connections to existing supporters, donors, etc.

The eighth edition of GEW Switzerland

Organized in 2018 Swissparks GEW Switzerland for the eighth time. We at STARTUPS.CH support you as an exclusive media partner.

It all started in 2011 when various events took place in the canton of Bern as part of GEW Switzerland. In 2012, however, the event has moved to the state level: for one week, companies and organizations from the cantons of Bern, Geneva, Vaud, Graubünden, Zurich and St. Gallen offered exciting events, workshops and networking opportunities every day.
In 2017 there were 34 events with over 2500 participants in 9 cantons (see report).

Additional regions and partners are in great demand

Swissparks is looking forward to new partners who would like to contribute to the promotion of entrepreneurship, as well as startups across Switzerland. Would you like to get on board and announce your events?

International support

The GEW is very well received by politics and business, on an international level, i.e. by the former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Sir Richard Branson (founder of the Virgin Group) and Michael Dell.


Would you like to become part of GEW Switzerland and contribute as a sponsor or benefit from the promotion of your event under the name of GEW Switzerland?

Contact René Hausammann by email at [email protected]

You can find more information at: www.gew-switzerland.ch


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