How much charge for interior design

Interior designer hire costs

It could all be so simple: you hire you Interior designers for the remodeling of your rooms and include one Contract, in which all items are listed and the interior designer will negotiate a reasonable price with you. Unfortunately, it is not that easy because there are laws and regulations that must be adhered to. The Fee accounting for architects and engineers, or HOAI for short, is not so easy for customers to understand. For orientation, however, the customer can take a look at the “” portal. There is reliable background information on the List of costs as well as many customer reviews that can serve as a guide.


Because the cost of one Interior designers composed of several components, there is no single price for the performance of an architect that you as the client can always understand. The law provides a fee range, the services provided, which in turn to nine Work phases be divided up, the chargeable costs, the agreed fee rate and surcharges for a special level of difficulty. All work is precisely defined and assigned to specific cost rates. In addition, there is a cost “sound limit” of 25,000 euros. If the eligible Costs, And even those are precisely defined, if they are less than 25,000 euros, the fee for the architect is freely negotiable. For an amount of over 25,000 euros, the interior designer is to the Requirements bound by the HOAI. Even then, the fee can be freely agreed. In the meantime, new laws are being passed, and sometimes that remains Client just blindly trusting that the estimated cost is a fair price.

As a result, there is no permanently valid fee for the same services, rather the entitlement is based on that fee at the minimum rate, the middle and the Maximum rate plus a margin of discretion. Is the renovation, for example, seen as a redesign, or is it part of an old order that is only being “spruced up” a little? The effort would be the same as that Price difference large.

As a rule, the interior designers ask for an average of the rates for their services, but ultimately the appointments that have been agreed in the architect's contract remain decisive. And this is where the exact scope of the services decides.

Includes the work of the Interior designers only four work phases, he may only charge a certain percentage of the full fee, which results from the fee table. Of course there are also interior designers who calculate their work by the hour. A regular rate is, for example, 100 euros per hour. With full Trust, it still applies, on a fair basis contract to pass. Recognized and trustworthy interior designers are described by the “” team. They only work on an equal footing with their clients.

Labor input

The fields of activity of a Interior designers The artistic areas as well as the technical designs are wide-ranging and comprehensive. An interior designer designs, plans, advises and implements ideas together with his partners. You call him when the house has a new one Interior work needs or the furniture needs to be rearranged and you are unsure whether the redesign to the architecture of the Spaces fits. Organizing colors and room acoustics in such a way that the client feels comfortable in their four walls is just one of the many requirements and services that define the profile of an interior designer. The Indoor climate and lighting have a major impact on the well-being of the people who live in these spaces. It is he who hires an interior designer to get new perspectives into boring perspectives.

Further work areas of a Interior designers are modernizations and renovations, but also advice on the materials in the interior and their importance for the living experience. The design of the textiles, the wallpaper, the floor covering, all details in the interior can be redesigned. Facility management has come into vogue in the past few years and if one interior architect also does not exactly have the tasks of an administrative management, it is nevertheless for every organization of all interiors and the related ones technology and functionality. Functional optimization likes to fall in this context and actually means the "preparation" of the interior in such a way that the client is happy to come and that every room is a space to live in.

After all, interior work also includes painting, electrical installation, ventilation, floor systems and the Drywall. An architect or an interior designer can be commissioned for this work.


Whether it's the stucco on the Walls or the processing of surfaces: The changes in interiors through color, shape and functionality always also influence the living atmosphere. Whether there are special concepts for the Sun protection or an intelligent integration of technology: The art very often lies in making high-tech objects “just” look beautiful. How original can a lamp that can be charged via a USB cable, for example, or that charges the smartphone? Profane hides intelligent functions.

An interior designer advises when it comes to style and design. It stimulates and inspires you to dream about your own home. Depending on how the customer wants it, the work of an interior designer includes the entire project including planning and selection of the individual elements or he is only hired for parts, such as for color advice.

One of them orders one Interior designers, to have his entire apartment redecorated, he relies entirely on the specialist, while someone else wants to bring himself in. The costs are of course based on the scope and type of power of the interior designer.

In the heart of interior design

As mentioned elsewhere, the Work phases according to the HOAI for the assessment basis and are decisive in determining the costs. For this reason, they should be explained briefly in detail here. The Performance phase Number 1 serves the Basic investigation, Number 2 comprises the preliminary planning and number 3 the draft planning. This is followed by numbers 4 and 5, the approval and implementation planning. Then it comes to the tender, the participation in the award. Finally they stand monitoring the execution with detailed documentation and the follow-up support, which can also include a defect report. Each phase has a certain percentage of the total fee for the architect.

Are individual phases of that Client not used, the respective percentage is simply deducted. Since you have already planned and organized everything yourself, items 1, 2 and 3 are not used. The Basic investigation is involved with 2 percent, the preliminary planning with 7 percent and the draft planning with 15 percent. The calculation looks like this: 2 + 7 + 15 = 24. As a result, the interior designer's fee is 24 percent less than the total. Lots of math, but in the end it is cashMoney, what you can save.

Depending on the scope of the project and the corresponding fee levels, costs for an interior designer can range between around EUR 6,500 and EUR 17,701.


Interior design is Room concept, Furniture design and "universal aesthetics" in one. It means in harmony to live because everything goes with everything. The individual components no longer only fulfill their function, they are beautiful and feel good. Living means living and living means "being with all your senses". Lots Furnishing styles can be designed by an interior designer. Not all styles suit everyone. The quality of an interior designer makes the honest and responsible consultation out. The point here should not be to create the most perfect residential domicile possible, but rather to feel the personality of the client and to help him to realize his own dreams.

Recreational buildings for the Publicity, Care facilities, cultural institutions, administrative and traffic buildings as well as private homes are fields of activity for interior design and everywhere there are different demands on style and on that Design. Each style requires a different interior design, a special design that is characteristic of the respective style. Furniture, wallpaper, flooring, sanitary facilities, lamps and Frills, everything has to match the style.

  • Scandinavian
  • Japanese
  • Mediterranean
  • Baroque
  • Rustic
  • Vintage
  • Colonial

And again and again he appears context with the establishment of the term "Feng Shui". The Chinese Harmony convinces many people.

Experience reports tell of “miraculous” healings in rooms that were designed according to this teaching. People who can suddenly sleep again or who are recovering healthily.

Feng Shui is not esoteric, but ancient lived knowledge of the interaction of external circumstances and one's own mental states. A Interior architect, Anyone who knows a little about Far Eastern philosophy can work with you to bring new ideas into old rooms and thereby create new places.


The work of an interior designer is of great value, you want to use your space in many ways and are open to innovative plans and Furnishing concepts. The costs are based on your performance requirements and can easily be combined with your own initiative. The HOAI is still Guideline for the architect, if not in every case. Nevertheless, you can recognize a high-quality designer, among other things, by his transparent approach during the Development process of the project. The architect contract should also be fair and discussed with you in advance. “” deserves special mention at this point, as they take care of it Clarity, where there is confusion and confidence, where uncertainty endangers the company. The interior architecture on the test bench, that can only mean that “” has tirelessly researched, compared and summarized.