Why do the British like Marmit

Marmite - the specialty of Great Britain!

"Love it or hate it" - love it or hate it - was probably one of the most successful advertising slogans with which Marmite has ever presented its product to the outside world. In fact, Marmite is quite simply a vegetarian paste that can be used in the kitchen on many occasions. As a kind of stock cube, it spices soups or bouillons and can also be used as a condiment for the Sunday roast or in sauces. Traditionally, however, Marmite is also loved as a spread across the UK. Travelers who try such a British sandwich for the first time usually have to get used to the taste. Because Marmite is heavily spiced and has a yeast aftertaste. But once you've liked it, you can't get away from it. Have you already got to know and love Marmite? If not, you will find the best opportunity here on our British Shop platform. How about some Marmite Cashew Nuts? Or would you prefer the Marmite yeast extract?

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Marmite - that delicious extra from England!

Marmite was invented in 1902 and has since enjoyed great popularity among the British as a spread. According to Marmite's advertising slogan "Love it or hate it", the majority of the population in English-speaking countries clearly opted for the former. Marmite is sold by the food giant Unilever and is available in every British shop. The basis for the production of Marmite is yeast extract obtained from beer production. It is already rich in B vitamins, but vitamins B1, B2, B5 and B12 are added to the finished marmite. The latter is especially important for vegans, as B12 is naturally mainly in Marmite can not only be consumed as a spread, but is also used to refine soups or stews. There is also a persistent rumor that the consumption of Marmite is supposed to protect against mosquitoes, which is why many Brits also use their beloved spread in the Take vacation with you.