How do you bring about social change

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Change in society

Our society is constantly changing. Usually it goes so slowly that people hardly notice it in everyday life. But if you hear how our parents and grandparents lived, what worries and wishes they had, then you quickly realize how different life was back then. Such changes are called “social change”.

Reasons for change

What triggers these changes in the way people live together? Is it the evolution of technology? Is it globalization? Can politics influence social change? Such questions are repeatedly the subject of scientific studies and public debates. In general, the modern media, television and the Internet influence people in their behavior and their expectations.

Social change in Germany

A much discussed example of a social upheaval and the associated social change were the changes that took place with the collapse of the GDR and the reunification of Germany. The lives of millions of people in the former GDR have fundamentally changed in the years that have followed. The people became free citizens in a democratically governed, liberal state. But even if the vast majority of people had wished for these changes, this social change was not easy for everyone to cope with.