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YouTuber Philipp Mickenbecker: Cancer in the terminal stage - "It is the case that the skin continues to die"

At the beginning of March, YouTuber Philipp Mickenbecker and his twin brother Johannes were guests in the "World Wide Living Room" and talked about his cancer. In an interview with the twins Benjamin and Dennis Wolter (30), he said: "It doesn't look good and it doesn't feel good. I'm just very happy and grateful that I'm not in pain." Now he gives a new update and shows quite openly that his condition has worsened and that he cannot be in a positive mood every day.

© YouTube / The Real Life Guys YouTuber Philipp Mickenbecker: Cancer in the terminal stage - “It is the case that the skin continues to die”

Philipp Mickenbecker's tumor continues to grow

Philipp says it is important to him. to keep his fans up to date "and not just pretend everything is perfect". The pictures of his tumor that he shows in his video are really not for the faint of heart. You can also see the YouTuber crying. He explains: "The fact is that the skin is dying off more and more. It looks really bad, festers really badly and, to be honest, stinks too." His tumor continues to grow and he has also discovered a "new bump". "It all looks extremely bad," says Philipp. "I keep realizing that I can't stand watching it."

"The Real Life Guys" -YouTuber Philipp is not afraid of death

Philipp sees the fact that he can still stand on stage, shoot videos and pursue his passion, that he has so much energy and mental strength, as a "blatant miracle" - even if he is now getting much worse air. The YouTuber found faith in God while he was suffering from cancer. He is often asked how he can still believe in God's plan. Doesn't he have any doubts? "When I look rationally in the mirror, I see a clock that is running out," he admits. "Of course it's over at some point." He is not afraid of death, but the process of dying preoccupies him. "The body rots when it is alive," he says.

The YouTuber finds it important to allow supposedly "weak" moments, tears and doubts. You don't have to endure it, especially not alone. Because of his connection to God and praying, Philip feels better. In this way he can steer the perspective from the visible to the invisible. It is important "to keep this faith, even when one does not feel God at all".

Philipp Mickenbecker is grateful to be alive - more than half a year longer than the doctors predicted for him in the fall. Even if no miracle cure happens. "I'm excited to see how it all goes on," he says in conclusion and promises to take his fans more with him into his everyday life.

You can see Philipp's latest update in the video below.

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