What are football placements

Animals tap soccer results

Paul was the first. The octopus from Oberhausen correctly 'predicted' most of the European Championship games in 2008 and all the World Cup games in 2010 by choosing the box with the flag of the future winning team between two flagged food boxes.

Achilles the tomcat succeeds Paul the octopus

Since then there have been countless animal oracles: from the octopus Paul II to the armadillo Norman to the turtle pair Franz and Sissi. There is even an official oracle at the 2018 World Cup in Russia: the deaf tomcat Achilles. Which bowl he eats from should say something about how the game ends. Achilles even receives a fan pass and official accreditation.

In Germany, the snow leopard Sagar in the Neunkirchen Zoo, the Siberian tiger Fedor in the Allwetterzoo Münster and the Lübbenau penguin Flocke will also predict the results for the 2018 World Cup. Where does this enthusiasm come from?

Jesus: One should trust in God

“In the Bible, some people really want to know: What is coming? When will the world end? Are there any signs of this? ”Explains Pastor Martin Vorländer. “Jesus replies that no one can accurately predict the future. He points to your own responsibility. You can't give it to an oracle. And one should trust in God! God gives you the strength to cope with what comes your way. "

Stadium pastor: We never pray for victory

This is how the Frankfurt stadium pastor Eugen Eckert sees it. He told the epd: “We never pray for victory in the Frankfurt stadium chapel. Our national team has trained well and the players are experts. Instead, in the chapel we pray for a fair game and that the players and spectators do not get injured. "

Editorial dog Nando likes to eat from the German bowl

The editors of the evangelical media company in Frankfurt are also united by a passion for football. The rooms are decorated with flags, and even the editorial dog Nando is there. “Nando is gripped by the World Cup fever and of course prefers to eat from his DFB team bowl with the German flag. Mostly anyway ”, explains editor-in-chief Andreas Fauth and adds:“ We're looking forward to a great summer and fair games. ”Even though he is critical of the political situation in Russia, he emphasizes:“ A boycott of the World Cup changes the political situation nothing at all in Russia. But it creates opportunities to talk about the political situation. I am convinced that sport can build bridges. "

In the Protestant media company, the editorial dog Nando will type the results of the German team. Nando is originally from Portugal, but has lived in Germany for a long time and likes soccer (balls).

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