How can I hide my app icon

Apps / software Hide apps on the smartphone - that's how it works


There are always situations in which your smartphone falls into the wrong hands. Be it when showing pictures to friends or when someone you know needs your cell phone for a call. If you don't want the other person to see that you are using dating apps, for example, you can hide them. You can find out how to do this in our tips + tricks.

Hide apps on Android using in-house means

Unfortunately, the native Android does not have the ability to hide apps with on-board tools. However, if you own a Samsung or LG smartphone, the customized Android offers an option to hide apps. How exactly this works can be read in the following using the example of the operating system of a Samsung Galaxy S9:

Hide apps on Android with an alternative launcher

Launcher is a dime a dozen on Android. A free launcher that also offers the option of hiding apps is the Apex Launcher, which is why we decided to use it for this guide. Alternatively, you can use Nova Launcher Prime, which only provides the desired function in the paid version. How to successfully hide apps with Apex Launcher, read our step-by-step guide:

Hide apps on iPhone

Apps can also be hidden on iOS devices using in-house means. Unfortunately, only certain apps can be hidden. You can read how it all works in the following: