Emily Ratajkowski had breast augmentation surgery

Before & after: These stars have gone under the knife

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the hottest in Hollywood? No question about it: the pressure on the stars is great. If the film offers, model orders or advertising deals become rare at some point and the success fails, the trip to the beauty doc is not far for many. But for most of them it doesn't stop with botox, hyaluronic acid and the like - the initial "fun" turns into an addiction: Here an eyelid tightening, there lips injected or the nose shrunk, the result is not infrequently mask-like faces that sometimes even us reminiscent of a horror strip.

Beauty ops: the stars can't stand the pressure

Some celebrities are real repeat offenders and like to play patient, when it comes to beauty operations. Others only have small corrections made. Nose operations, breast enlargements - there is hardly a surgical procedure that the stars have not yet tried. The bad? Unfortunately, most of them can be seen at some point in the many operations and treatments - Narrowed slits in the eyes, padded cheeks, tight skin and reduced facial expressions are the result.

Even if there are more and more supporters of the "Body Positive" movement in the dream factory - that is, to love yourself as you are - many cannot withstand the pressure. Not only the "old hands" in business like Jennifer Lopez or Victoria Beckham go under the knife, and more and more young stars like Kendall Jenner or Ariana Grande obviously don't feel comfortable in their own skin and let themselves be sniffed around and are really successful with it.The best (and most blatant) example is Kylie Jenner: The "Keeping up with the Kardashians" star has been looking like a different person since his career began in 2010, even though Kylie is only a tender 23 years old. Has the beauty already helped with her hot after-baby body and has also tightened her skin a little with a cosmetic operation? We will probably not find out for the time being ...

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All stars are currently undergoing these beauty procedures

Every star does something here and there on the face - regardless of age. Be it a nose operation at the age of 16 or a face lift at the age of 60 - our dearest Hollywood ladies and gentlemen have already experienced it all. Currently, however, many celebrities are deviating from invasive operations, so they can no longer be put under the knife in the traditional way in the operating room, but instead opt for permanent and semi-permanent injections of their problem areas. For example, a small double chin, drooping eyelids, a crooked nose and one or two wrinkles on the mouth, forehead and eyes can easily be poisoned away by the doctor. Star surgeon Dr. Simon Ouriad is THE expert in this type of beauty procedure and is on the phone number of celebrities like the Kardashian / Jenner sisters.