Coconut oil makes our skin healthy

Hard shell for soft skin How coconut oil beautifies your skin

It smells like holidays. And somehow it works that way. Coconut oil is a natural recovery regimen for the skin. Face or body: The best tips for using coconut oil.

It smells good - and works even better.Coconut oil for the skinis considered a caring all-rounder. The reason for this is not only its high content of unsaturated fatty acids, which not only keep the skin beautifully soft, healthy and supple, but above all the high proportion of vitamins and lauric acid, which has antibacterial properties.

You can also use coconut oil for your hair:

Coconut oil = coconut fat?

Oil is liquid, fat is solid. Coconut oil is both - depending on the ambient temperature. The saturated fatty acids liquefy above 25 degrees, so that coconut oil or coconut fat is easy to spread.

This is not a problem for skin care use. Coconut oil can be spread again if you put it in warm water for a few moments or rub it directly between your hands.

Always use pure coconut oil for the skin

More and more skin care products such as creams, masks and serums against dry skin are relying on the addition of coconut oil. But actually we can save ourselves the detour via coconut oil cosmetics:Especially in its pure form, coconut oil is a versatile, inexpensive and natural beauty product that should not be missing in any bathroom cabinet.

Using pure coconut oil for the skin not only has the advantage of using it in a concentrated mode of action and dosage, but also of being able to decide on the quality of the oil yourself.

Pay attention to the quality of coconut oil for the skin

The nourishing ingredients of coconut oil are sensitive to heat. That is also the reason why it is best to buy the healthy oil in organic quality if you want to use it for skin care. Most organic oils are obtained through a cold pressing process, so that the sensitive oil compounds are not damaged during processing.

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8 ideas on how to use coconut oil on your skin

Make-up removal with coconut oil

1 The high fat content in coconut oil dissolves make-up and dirt particles, which is why the oil is great for removing make-up. People with sensitive skin in particular benefit from the moisturizing natural product. Simply put some coconut oil on a cotton ball and rub it gently over your eyes, lips and the rest of your face. Then rinse everything off with water and a mild detergent.

Coconut oil for dry skin

2 Especially in the cool season or when the skin is irritated, the skin on the face and body can flake and needs a lot of moisture. This is where coconut oil works wonders. Simply moisten the skin very lightly (for example with a spray bottle) and massage in a good portion of coconut oil. The oil combines with the water and thus becomes a moisturizing and moisturizing emulsion.

Coconut oil for the cuticle

3 Cracked skin on the nails will become supple again if you rub it with coconut oil every day (preferably before going to sleep). The cuticles also benefit from healthy coconut care. Regularly massaged with it, it can be easily pushed back during a manicure.

Coconut oil against wrinkles

4 Even small wrinkles caused by dryness can be treated with this healthy natural product. You put lukewarm chamomile tea on a cotton pad and gently rub the skin with it. Then you massage a mixture of almond and coconut oil in a ratio of 1: 3 into the skin, let it work in and carefully remove excess oil with a cloth. The combination of moisture, plant extracts and healthy oils is a real energy kick for tired skin.

Coconut oil as lip care

5 dry, chapped and chapped lips? No problem for coconut oil. It is best to mix a rich lip balm with the nourishing oil. To do this, mix petroleum jelly and coconut oil in a ratio of 2: 1, put the mixture in a sealable can and rub it into your lips several times a day. The cure is extremely beneficial, especially on cold winter days.

Skin care: coconut oil peeling

6 If you mix half a cup of coarse sea salt with a cup of coconut oil, rub it on damp skin and then rinse it off thoroughly with warm water, the result is a nourishing peeling. The sea salt not only frees your skin from dead skin, it also has a calming and antibacterial effect, while the healthy coconut oil has a moisturizing effect.

Coconut oil mask for the face

7 If the complexion looks dull and tired, a small relaxation mask will restore your skin's radiance. To do this, simply mix a cup of low-fat quark with four tablespoons of coconut oil and apply generously to the skin. Leave on for about ten minutes and then remove with a damp cloth.

Coconut oil for the eyelashes

8 Eyelashes are just hairs and need to be cared for as such. If you regularly massage a tiny amount of coconut oil into your eyelashes before going to sleep, you do just that. The vitamins and fat content of the oil keep the eyelashes supple and shiny.

Our opinion on eyelash serums:

Can you use coconut oil for acne?

The high proportion of anti-inflammatory substances makes coconut oil a popular natural product for sensitive and inflammatory skin. However, there is an exception for blackheads, pimples and acne. The fat content of oils in general is known to have a promoting effect on the formation of blackheads and skin inclusions. However, this cannot be generalized.

In this respect, it is better to steer clear of skin oils - including coconut oil - when dealing with impurities and acne.

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