A slate roof is worth it


What goes on the roof shapes the house. Regardless of whether it is a roof renovation or a new building - the building materials for the roof have special properties. Each of them has been tried and tested hundreds of thousands of times, which is why there is basically no “best” solution, but there is one that best fits. As a building owner, it is therefore definitely worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the various options for roofing.

Most single-family houses have a pitched roof with a slope of around 22 degrees. These are mostly covered with roof tiles, tiles or slate. Metal covers are also often found. Soft materials such as roofing felt, bitumen roof shingles or thatch are rather rare. Whichever material the builder chooses: the roofing must always be windproof and waterproof.

Roof tiles

Roof tiles consist of cement, quartz-containing sand and water - i.e. concrete. Long service life, low price and simple and time-saving installation are their main advantages. In addition, there is a pronounced robustness; Roof tiles are extremely resilient, frost-proof and impact-resistant.

Due to their large format, roof surfaces can be covered particularly quickly with roof tiles. Good system providers are characterized by the fact that there are supplementary products such as verge, ventilator, desk, ridge, standing board and roof aisle elements in the same material and color versions. In addition to the traditional red, numerous color variants with matt or high-gloss surfaces are available.

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